20+ Exclusive Light Bulb Logo Designs

A logo is a brand image which speak for the primary ideals and business philosophy of just about any organization. One of the most common used symbols in logo design is a light bulb. Many logo designers use it to symbolize light, innovation, ideas, and electricity. Over the years light bulbs have become the cliche symbol of creative thinking.

But as some of these logos demonstrate, there is still room for reinvention. Here are the some of the best creative designs of light bulb logos for your inspiration. Check out this list of cool logos which illustrates a creative power within. I hope you will enjoy this  roundup, feel free to comment below.

For more resources please see:

1. Genius


2. TH Logo Design

TH Logo Design

3. Spring Minds

Spring Minds

4. Idealabs Logo Design

Idealabs Logo Design

5. Radity


6. BulbUs Creative Company

BulbUs Creative Company



8. Lightbulb Logo

Lightbulb Logo

9. Mindfruit Logo

Mindfruit Logo

10. Eco Key

Eco Key

11. eDufly


12. Marketer Edge

Marketer Edge

13. Smart Deer

Smart Deer

14. EcoNotable


15. BeeClever


16. Light Bulb – Heart Concept

Light Bulb - Heart Concept

17. Air Bulb

Air Bulb

18.  Idea Spring

Idea Spring

19. iBulb


20. Creativeaim Logo

Creativeaim Logo

21. Skribe Bright Idea Logo

Skribe Bright Idea Logo

22. Go Renewable

Go Renewable

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.