30 Cool Logo Designs That Actually Say Something

A kick-butt logo design is of great importance to any business. Logo design is the most important aspect of design while building your brand. Often seen as the first impression of a company, its logo must be tailored to communicate specific values and ideals in an instant.

So here I have collected 30 of the fresh and new logo designs for your design inspiration. Get awesome ideas for your recent and future projects. Have fun browsing through our compilation and be inspired!

For further reading:

1. Devils’s Music

Devils’s Music

2. Firestarter


3. Tonys


4. RazoRSS


5. Get Wired

Get Wired

6. Beyond Media Inc

Beyond Media Inc

7. Fashionable Alligator

Fashionable Alligator

8. Handmade Fair

Handmade Fair

9. Heart Your Body Logo

Heart Your Body Logo

10. Cleantech Community Gateway

Cleantech Community Gateway

11. Winy Collection

Winy Collection

12. Prost! Glassworks

Prost! Glassworks

13. WEDC


14. Royal Tea

Royal Tea

15. Templatic


16. Sea Friends Ecology

Sea Friends Ecology

17. Chef Boyar Dog

Chef Boyar Dog

18. Pre-School Music Class

Pre-School Music Class

19. Egg & Chicken

Egg & Chicken

20. Thunder Frog

Thunder Frog

21. Modern Nerd

Modern Nerd

22. Five One Design

Five One Design

23. Logohype


24. ecofood


25. Beeline


26. DODO Pizza

DODO Pizza

27. Petfoto


28. Nextime


29. Fishop


30. Cafe Expresso

Cafe Expresso

I hope you will have liked this awesome and outstanding logos designs for your inspiration. Feel free to share your comments with us. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter, StumbleUpon  and Facebook for recent updates.

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