25 Meaningful Music Logo Designs with Thoughts Behind Them

Logo serves as a representation of an organization. Often, it indicates an aspect of a company or a society. Music logos are all about that! Not to mention great typography and brilliant concepts. A well-designed logo, with a good logotype and a unique icon (or ideogram, or sign), is essential to present an idea in clever and simple way and to directly communicate with the audience.

Here 25 music inspired logos in logo design is here to inspire logo designers everywhere to create more unique themed logo. These professional music logo designs can be used by musicians, bands, singers, music production companies, talk show hosts, recording companies and more. Many of these were scavenged from across the internet, so you can find their original homes by clicking on the image.

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6. Domino Records

Domino Records

7. Love Accoustic

Love Accoustic

8. Indie Artist Station Logo

Indie Artist Station Logo

9. DJ Darwin

DJ Darwin

10. Hot Note

Hot Note

11. Hoodie Allen Logo

Hoodie Allen Logo

12. Logo iPoacusia

Logo iPoacusia

13. Austin Wine and Music Festival Logo Concept

Austin Wine and Music Festival Logo Concept

14. Wired Rock Band

Wired Rock Band

15. Fallout Recordings Logo

Fallout Recordings Logo

16. Galeria Voladora

Galeria Voladora

17. Goodlife Production

Goodlife Production

18. Wiesinger Music

Wiesinger Music

19. Piano Logo Music

Piano Logo Music

20. Devils’s Music

Devils's Music

21. M-Art Music Production

M-Art Music Production

22. NotesFla Logo

NotesFla Logo

23. Audio Lounge Logo

Audio Lounge Logo

24. Jazz School Online

Jazz School Online

25. Cherry Tunes

Cherry Tunes

Now that you’ve seen a sample of music related branding, do you have any favorites? Also! If you know of a logo that fits into this musical theme, please share your findings (or creations) in the comments below. We’d love to see more.