20+ Most Creative Elephant Logo Designs

Many International Companies spend millions of dollar in designing their logos and they want their brand to be unique and intelligent. The elephant is among the most used animals in the field of logo designing. Its shape and strong contour is not difficult to bear in mind.

This time I am going to share some very creative and powerful elephant logo designs for your next logo designing inspiration. Check out the different graphic styles by brilliant logo designers in the world. Need the perfect promotional item to advertise your business or product? Check out the promotional items at Quality Logo Products to help you decide what is right for you! I hope you enjoy this collection.

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1. Tandoori Love

Tandoori Love

2. My Elephant Logo Design

My Elephant Logo Design

3. Sneaky Elephant

Sneaky Elephant

4. Growcase


5. White Elephant Logo

White Elephant Logo

6. Dental Office

Dental Office

7. Elephantom




9. Iron Elephant Logo

Iron Elephant Logo

10. The Caparison Logo

The Caparison Logo

11. Elephant Biscuit

Elephant Biscuit

12. Elephant Downloads

Elephant Downloads

13. Elesophy


14. Golden Elephant

Golden Elephant

15. Elephant Head Logo

Elephant Head Logo

16. Creative Dreams International

Creative Dreams International

17. Melephant


18. Elephant


19. Elephant Logo Design

Elephant Logo Design

20. Fluffy Elephant

Fluffy Elephant

21. Elephone


22. Bubble Gum Circus

Bubble Gum Circus

We hope that you enjoy browsing at this collection and keep on visiting our site for more logo design inspiration post.