Showcase of Free Foil Textures for Download

Photoshop textures are very widely used in modern web design. It is important in improving the effectiveness of our art pieces. So today I have a list of some of the best cool free foil textures to download. They all are quite beautiful and it is always good to check out all the good things you might be using this year, in order to stay updated. Give a realistic look to your designs by applying these foil textures. Download them right now for future reference as well.

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1. Texture – Rainbow Foil

Texture - Rainbow Foil

2. Aluminum Foil Texture Freebie

Aluminum Foil Texture Freebie

3. Copper Foil or Silk

Copper Foil or Silk

4. Foil Texture 3

Foil Texture 3

5. Gold Foil Texture

Gold Foil Texture

6. Metal Foil Texture

Metal Foil Texture

7. Gold Brass Foil Leafing Metal

Gold Brass Foil Leafing Metal

8. Crumpled Gold Foil

Crumpled Gold Foil

9. Foil Texture II

Foil Texture II

10. Rainbow Sunburst Metallic Foil

Rainbow Sunburst Metallic Foil

11. Silver Foil

Silver Foil

12. Free Foil Texture Download

Free Foil Texture Download

13. Tin Foil Texture

Tin Foil Texture

14. Foil Flower Textures Pack 2

Foil Flower Textures Pack 2

15. Foil Flower Tex 7

Foil Flower Tex 7

16. Dirty Foil Texture 3

Dirty Foil Texture 3

17. Cool Foil Texture for Download

Cool Foil Texture for Download

18. Gold Foil 7

Gold Foil 7

19. Silver Foil Texture

Silver Foil Texture

20. Foil Scrunched

Foil Scrunched

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