7 Free Resources For Bloggers

Blogging can be a hobby, or, if you’re really good at it, even a full time job. Either way it’s a fantastic, modern way to reach out and interact with people, to air your thoughts and to invite feedback. That’s why so many people enjoy doing it.

With so many of us blogging it is only logical that there are more and more tools being produced to make blogging easier, quicker and more financially rewarding. Here are seven useful examples:

1. Web Eden

Web Eden is a great free website builder that bloggers can use if they want to build their own site. Users simply select a pre-made template, such as travelogue, scrapbook or fashion blog then choose a free Webeden address.

You can also attach a site description so that search engines can find the blog more easily. Next, choose a name and password for your account and then you have your very own blog, ready for your deepest, darkness thoughts or your wittiest observations. Alternatively, you could just upload a photo of your cat each day. That’s the joy of blogging: what goes up is completely up to you.

2. Photoshop Etiquette

More hard-core bloggers who also may have some money to invest in webhosting might want to design their blog from scratch. One lesser-known way of doing this is by using Adobe Photoshop. Technologically gifted or not, anyone choosing this method may encounter problems with its functionality or even design dilemmas.

That’s why Dan Rose has kindly taken it upon himself to create this handy ‘guide to discernible web design in Photoshop.’ This smart, easy to read guide could prove invaluable when saving time and creating a professional looking blog.

3. SEO Book

Search engine optimization is a highly effective way for bloggers to increase the traffic their site receives. After all, the more visitors that find a blog the more likely some of them will become followers. It is therefore worth it for a blogger to sign up to SEO Book.

They gain access to a range of tools that can boost their search engine rankings. For instance, they receive keyword training and updated suggestions, a ranking checker and also access to a community of knowledgeable individuals with more tricks for optimizing a blog for search engines.

4. Blogger Plugins

Blogger Plugins is a useful site for anyone committed to blogging. Among the convenient tools that it hosts are widgets that you can upload to your blog to make it more interactive and professional, such as a Facebook ‘like’ box that allows people to like and share your blog. The site also hosts hundreds of tutorials, all ready to help you make a blog improved in design and content.

5. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon’s fantastic affiliate program is a free-to-join service that enables bloggers to earn money. With simple linking tools provided by Amazon, bloggers can mention Amazon products as a link and, should any followers click the link, the blogger is entitled to advertising revenue from subsequent qualifying purchases.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a useful tool that can provide bloggers with a breakdown of the traffic that has reached their site. By acknowledging the sex, age, nationality of their audience this give bloggers the ability to further target their market or, conversely, produce content that will appeal to a broader audience.

7. Blog Synergy

It’s all very well saying that with Google Analytics a blogger can alter their content to attract a different audience but it’s much easier said than done. That’s why BlogSynergy, essentially a social-network for bloggers, is such a great resource.

It allows bloggers to converse, share wisdom and ask for advice in a like-minded community. This means they don’t have to go it alone and can avoid certain rookie mistakes; becoming a more mature, skilful.

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