Freepik: Free Graphic Resources for Designers

If you’ve been a designer, you must’ve had this problem where you just can’t find the right image using the usual web search engines. Well, fear no more, we recently sumbled upon, a search engine for images, specialized on looking for designer’s resources.

Freepik is run by robots, programmed to look for the latest free images on the net. They then order it so it’s easy and fast to access, so that you don’t lose any time looking manually for your resources. An algorithm makes them choose the free high quality, using a certain topic criteria.

Even tho their content is free, they also have a great deals webpage in which you can look for premium content. This isn’t made by them, they get such great prices thanks to their negotiation with external webpages. This way, you can get a good assortment of design related resources as low as possible.