12 Valuable Free WordPress Content Marketing Plugins

Content marketing is an essential part of any online strategy and the majority of brands use WordPress for their blog. If you’re using WordPress for your small business website, you have access to thousands of WordPress content marketing plugins that can enhance your site’s functionality and effectiveness.

In this article, I will share some of the great free content marketing plugins for WordPress that will help enhance your site’s functionality and improve conversion. These plugins will save you time and increase your efficiency while ensuring your content is fully optimised. If you like this post, share it with your friends through email and social networks.

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1. Listly for Bloggers, Brands, Publishers

List posts (listicles) generate traffic, but it’s tedious to author visually-appealing lists. Easy to create, rank, curate & embed lists. Embed lists and create high traffic list posts on WordPress & other blogging platforms.

Listly for Bloggers, Brands, Publishers

2. Smart Website Tools by AddThis

Traditionally known as the “sharing tool”, AddThis has taken website tools to the next level through the creation of recommended content and conversion tools while also streamlining and evolving their suite of social tools, including sharing and following buttons.

Smart Website Tools by AddThis

3. ExpressCurate

The ExpressCurate content curation plugin is a WordPress platform for creating, optimizing, and publishing high-quality content. While there are many content discovery tools, the process of curation in WordPress is still convoluted and confusing, requiring multiple steps and manually switching back and forth between screens, plug-ins, and programs.


4. MyCurator

MyCurator works tirelessly in the background delivering a pipeline of interesting, usable content to you throughout the day. MyCurator is powerful corporate level content curation software brought to you as a plugin. It uses a cloud process to perform intensive AI processing and article classification.


5. Canonical SEO Content Syndication WordPress Plugin

Content syndication is a process of amplifying your content to other blogs without hurting the SEO of your original content. You can let other blogs to republish your content in exact format with rel=canonical tag.

Canonical SEO Content Syndication WordPress Plugin

6. Contentde

The content.de WordPress allows you to access your content.de account directly from the wordpress backend. You can order texts, list, review and manage all the texts in your content.de account and import them into your WordPress.


7. MarketMuse Related Keywords

Related keywords are keywords that are topically-related to your primary keywords. By adding in related keywords into your content, you’ll boost organic search traffic. The MarketMuse Relevant Keywords tool helps you check for related keywords that you may have missed.

MarketMuse Related Keywords

8. SEO Audit Tool by ContentLook

ContentLook’s SEO Audit Software helps you take a look at your whole Content Marketing strategy, including your 6 main areas: Blogging, Traffic, Social Media, SEO, Links and Authority. With a simple look, you can see which areas need your immediate attention and you can start fixing them.

SEO Audit Tool by ContentLook

9. My Blog Guest

This WordPress plugin is meant to integrate WordPress.org blog with myblogguest.com. Your login and password is used once to generate access token – which will be used to connect to MyBlogGuest.com afterwards.

My Blog Guest

10. Scribe

Scribe is a professional content marketing application designed for online content creators. Scribe makes it easy to conduct in-depth research that helping writers and content producers to quickly identify content marketing opportunities for search and social media traffic and leads.


11. Paperglee

Paperglee lets you post directly to your own web site, in your WordPress theme, beside your calls to action. You can schedule posts for whenever you want, and as often as you want. Paperglee is built to automatically integrate with your unique WordPress theme. It will look, act and feel exactly like the rest of your web site.


12. Blog Promotion – BlogUpp

BlogUpp helps promote blogs, connect bloggers and discover great content. It builds awareness through an interactive content distribution widget, as well as via a blog discovery toolbar, cross-posting on social networks and blog directory.

Blog Promotion - BlogUpp

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