Weddings might be very stressful and scary for amateur wedding photographers because it’s exclusively up to them to capture the most important day of the happy couple. However, if you follow these wedding photography tips, you will have nothing to worry about: the photos will turn out just perfect.

1. Take Care of the Contract    

Make sure that the contract you and your clients sign is detailed, and that everyone knows the set terms and conditions. The contract should cover you in the event of image corruption or other accidents, and also specify that you get paid at least a week before the event. Getting paid in advance, you will feel more comfortable on the wedding itself and will be able to focus completely on taking photographs without worrying that you will not receive the money for your job.

2. Prepare a Photo Checklist

A bride might provide you with a list of photos that you must take before and during the wedding but she will probably be too busy with a million other preparations. So, you will need to prepare one yourself. Which moments would you like to have captured, if this was your wedding? Make a checklist and follow it during the ceremony and the reception, just so you are certain that you don’t miss out on anything important.

3. Know Your Lighting    

As a photographer, you won’t be able to control or change the time of the ceremony or the reception, meaning that you will have to adjust to different lighting. If you know how to take the best picture, be it in the morning, at midday or in the afternoon, you will feel more confident that your clients will like your work. You will also be in the position to suggest a bigger variety of backgrounds because you will know, even before turning on the camera, at which location the lighting is the best.   

4. Pay Attention to Details    

The bride and the groom spend months preparing for the wedding, carefully selecting everything, be it the flowers, the shoes, or the dress of the flower girl. You need to be just as careful not to miss out on anything because there are no unimportant details during the wedding. The photos you take will remind the happy couple of their wedding day for the rest of their lives, and you want these memories to be as full as accurate as possible.   

5. Take some professional service

Although you take your photo perfectly if you want to show your image more perfectly or professionally you need some editing like stylish color correction weeding photos, beauty weeding. For example you need real image Remove stray hair, need some skin retouching, Cloth fixing, white balance, exposure, skin tone enhancement etc. for better look. If you able then do when you deliver image to your client or if you not able then you can take those service from some professional image editing company like Clipping path house with seasonal discount and high quality satisfied feedback are guaranteed.

6. Don’t Say No    

The couple or the guests might choose a background themselves, pose and then ask you to take a photo. Even if you’re sure that the pose isn’t going to work out, or that this isn’t a shot that will decorate your portfolio, don’t refuse to photograph. Take a few pictures and then give your suggestions on how your clients can pose next. Remember that the main purpose of the photos you take is to remind the bride and the groom of their wedding day, not to make your portfolio look the way you want.    

7. Be Flexible    

It’s very important to have a schedule that specifies how much time is allowed for each photography event. Still, be prepared for a possibility that not everything will go according to your perfect plan. People will be late, some things will take more time than you thought, or simply the weather conditions won’t let you shoot outside. Take notes of any changes in the schedule and shoot some parts of the wedding day later. The couple will be really thankful that you’re being flexible and, even though not everything is as you planned, you’re trying to make their day ideal.    

8. Show, Don’t Tell    

Sometimes your clients might feel stuck and not know how to pose for a picture. Or, what’s even more common, you might have a very limited amount of time to shoot a specific event. In this case, it’s best to give your clients directions. However, simply telling them how they should pose isn’t enough because this can create lots of confusion and misunderstanding. Instead, actually show the pose that you want to capture, thus letting your clients know and see exactly what you want from them. After that, you can slightly modify the pose so it looks natural.    

9. Experiment    

Your clients will certainly want to have some traditional wedding photos but they’d love it if you could give them something original, something that none of their friends have. If you’ve got new equipment, don’t be afraid to try it out to make a creative shot; try different lighting and angles. These unique photographs might end up being your clients’ favorites from their special day. However, only start experimenting after you’ve taken all the usual and typical photos. This way, you’ll be able to impress the bride and the groom with successful experiments, yet you won’t be disappointed if some of them don’t turn out as you wanted.