15+ Stunningly HTML5 Games

HTML5 is the new and updated version of HTML, the common language of the internet. It is currently in the process of being adopted around the world. Cool features of HTML5 like Canvas, Audio and Video elements make the web gaming possible without Flash, and you do not even need the plugin to play the game! HTML5 is set to revolutionize the creation of online games over coming years. HTML5 is quickly turning into a great game development platform.

In this post I’m sharing some the best HTML5 games for your Inspiration. I really hope that these might inspire you to start learning about html5 and how it should be used and how to implement it. Get ready to spend few minutes or an hour to have fun with all of them. Free games after jump! You may be interested in the following posts: game websites, iphone 5 apps and album cover designs.

1. Crystal Galaxy

Crystal Galaxy

2. Agent 008 Ball

Agent 008 Ball

3. Runfield


4. Sketch Out

Sketch Out

5. Adventure Land

Adventure Land

6. Onslaught


7. Biolab Disaster

Biolab Disaster

8. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

9. Sinkhole


10. Asteroids


11. Dark Age

Dark Age

12. Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

13. Fieldrunners


14. Project Blaze Zero

Project Blaze Zero

15. JSVecX


16. Torus


17. Canvas Defense

Canvas Defense

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