A List of Classic Album Cover Designs

An album cover is probably the first thing that people look at when they decide to purchase a music album; this is why its design is very important. Being a huge part of our media intake, music is almost a need rather than a want. I have gathered some of the creative album cover designs from various and famous musicians so far. Hope you will like them. Please feel free to posts any album covers that you think should be add in this list.

1. The Used Lies for the Liars

The Used Lies for the Liars

2. Bang Bang Bang

Bang Bang Bang

3. Cool Album Cover Design

Cool Album Cover Design

4. Dangerous


5. This Day Aria Album Cover

This Day Aria Album Cover

6. Secret Album Cover

Secret Album Cover

7. Max Effect – Album Cover

Max Effect - Album Cover

8. Album Artworks

Album Artworks

9. Free Mixtape Cover

Free Mixtape Cover

10. Schradinova – Album Cover

Schradinova - Album Cover

11. Hidden Pictures – Album Cover

Hidden Pictures - Album Cover

12. Album Cover Design

Album Cover Design

13. Album Cover Design for Texas Renegade

Album Cover Design for Texas Renegade

14. Gyptian Album Cover

Gyptian Album Cover

15. Reskology Album Cover Design

Reskology Album Cover Design

16. Pussycat Dolls PCD Album Cover

Pussycat Dolls PCD Album Cover

17. Loose Bat Out of Hell 3 Album Cover

Loose Bat Out of Hell 3 Album Cover

18. Roberts Chemical City

Roberts Chemical City

19. Soldier of Love

Soldier of Love

20. Bionic – Christina Aguilera

Bionic – Christina Aguilera

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