20 Breathtaking Examples of CG Girls Artworks

A brilliant collection of most amazing CG girls portraits! Today I have assembled an amazing collection of beautiful CG girls in 3d, most of these great works are created in 3d Studio Max and Maya. Hope you will like this amazing gallery. Don’t forget to check another works from the gallery below after the jump, and check the link for full collection.

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1. Darkness Fear

Darkness Fear

2. CG- Winry Rockbell

CG- Winry Rockbell

3. Princess and Dark Knight

Princess and Dark Knight

4. Triple x Threat

Triple x Threat

5. Hot Stuff Coming Through

Hot Stuff Coming Through

6. Beautiful CG Girls Artwork

Beautiful CG Girls Artwork

7. CG Girl Prada Woman

CG Girl Prada Woman

8. Fuma x Mao

Fuma x Mao

9. Starry Eyed Suprise

Starry Eyed Suprise

10. Come into My House

Come into My House

11. Fire Emblem Eirika

Fire Emblem Eirika

12. Digital CG Art Fairy

Digital CG Art Fairy

13. CG Girl Artwork

CG Girl Artwork

14. CG Girl

CG Girl

15. Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart

16. Dragons Dance

Dragons Dance

17. Three Kingdoms – Xiao Qiao

Three Kingdoms - Xiao Qiao

18. Pepper Freedom

Pepper Freedom

19. Three Kingdoms – Da Qiao

Three Kingdoms - Da Qiao

20. Purgatory


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