25 Absolutely Brilliant Water Manipulation Photos

Almost all forms of Water Manipulation involve moving and shaping a body of water to the user’s desire: lifting, parting or otherwise manipulating its form and/or density. Today, we take a look at several digital artists who’ve created their own interpretations of it.

Whether they’re amplifying a splash or making full portraits out of water. Thank those creative artists who morph nature’s most vital substance in ways we could have never imagined. Enjoy the art of water, the element that builds up the life.

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1. Emerging From Water

Emerging From Water

2. Water Manipulation

Water Manipulation

3. No Smoking Under Water

No Smoking Under Water

4. Water Lily Fairy

Water Lily Fairy

5. Water Burst

Water Burst

6. Water In My Eyes

Water In My Eyes

7. Holy Water Pool

Holy Water Pool

8. Lady of the Water

Lady of the Water

9. Water Fish

Water Fish

10. Cool Woman Water Manipulation

Cool Woman Water Manipulation

11. Genesis


12. Water Typography

Water Typography

13. Water Man Photo Manipulation

Water Man Photo Manipulation

14. Washing Away My Darkside

Washing Away My Darkside

15. Water Explosion

Water Explosion

16. AQUA


17. Circus of Water

Circus of Water

18. Careless


19. Legend of Fire and Water

Legend of Fire and Water

20. Water Room

Water Room

21. Underwater World

Underwater World

22. Water Goddess

Water Goddess

23. Monsters in My Head

Monsters in My Head

24. Another Eye Manipulation

Another Eye Manipulation

25. Sweet Disposition

Sweet Disposition

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