Nearly every organization has a logo that identifies them. Merely looking at the logo, you will be able to relate it with a given character. Some logos are straightforward while others have more profound meaning that you need to analyze critically to get the purpose. Logo designers derive their inspiration from different situations before putting artistic work on paper. The film industry is one which has widely used logos for branding and to code relevant messages. Besides the captivating titles, marvelous storytelling, characters, and the exciting musical accompaniments, TV show producers work on the logo to reflect an ideology presented in the movie. Many of us only appreciate the role of the logo in helping us identify our favorite brand without getting to the meanings.

All that glitters is not always gold, and this is the case with some complex logos. The superficial meaning can be contrary to the hidden meaning. Logos use unique fonts, colors, and creativity in coding a message to the audience. In this article, we uncover the meaning behind the famous symbol you associate with your favorite TV show.

1. Friends

The show Friends is a comedy series of the 90s that one will not decline to watch again when given a chance. Its producers made everything perfect for the audience to reflect the feeling of humor. You can’t fail to mention Friends when listing the best sitcoms of all times. The TV show running from 1994 to 2004 was and is a darling to many. The show samples various fascinating scenes, and this gives it diversity that is critical in breaking the boredom. Further, the storyline on the group of young people going through the ideals of life is attention catching since you can relate it to our daily life. People will sometimes enjoy love and experience hatred in equal measures, but in the end, they will still be friends.

The logo of FRIENDS looks simple from the outlook. On more in-depth scrutiny, you will get to learn of the behind the scenes. The font is unique to represent a sense of fun while at the same time it looks lazy or careless which is what the young friends in the show portray. Six colored dots are separating the seven letters in the title. While many will be quick to say that the dots are a representation of the main characters, they may have no hidden meaning. The dots show the six colorful umbrellas that the characters are carrying. It is best not to think so deep at times.

2. Game of Thrones

GOT is the series that everyone is talking about in 2019. The fantasy television series was hyped to expectation and the eight seasons have not disappointed either. The title sequence introducing each episode serves to depict the location and setting of the particular incident. The title sequence which is a creation by Elastics for HBO is sensational together with the accompanying theme tune. It makes you have an idea of the fictional world which the series is set in. Watch online guide to get the unfolding of every season 8 episodes in the top video streaming sites.

The show has a beautiful logo, but it is impossible to discuss the logo in isolation for GOT without the title sequence. Since the storyline keeps changing with a new location and characters in each episode, it is prudent that the title sequence is a reflection of the content of each chapter. The title shows a legendary map in the plot of the fantasy. Everything is attached to the storytelling so that both old and new fans can know exactly what is going on.  Game of Thrones logo is out of this world, and it is an inspiring logo design for different brands.

3. Breaking bad

Breaking bad is one TV series that any TV show fan can narrate the storyline without much struggle. Walter white the main character is a chemistry teacher who finds no reason for life. Everything seems to be messy for him. After diagnosis with cancer, Walter finds life unbearable and opts to trade Methamphetamine to cater for the chemotherapy bills. The storyline is fantastic, and so is the logo which every scientist will readily appreciate.

Science keeps the world going, and this is precisely what the show implies. Inclusion of periodic table in the logo and opening titles is an act of genius from the directors of the show. The chemical symbols are conspicuous in the logo while other characters appear distressed. From the logo, you can get to see the purity and integrity of science unlike the depressed character of Walter’s habits. The chemical formula of the drug Methamphetamine as well as the molecular weight, 149.24 are apparent in the logo. The logo of breaking bad was gained love among fans, and several merchandises have the logo printed. The 2008-2018 TV show set all-time viewing record of 10.3 Million viewers.

4. Dexter

The Showtime Networks production is a series that is very vivid in every TV show lovers mind. The story is pegged on a serial killer who enjoys vengeance. The blood spatter analyst finds joy in weeding out the evil people in society.  The cracks in the justice system in Miami allowed Dexter Morgan to hunt down the murderers as a vigilante serial killer. The American television show is an exceptional one to watch.

Dexter as a logo is well crafted to reflect what is in the following series. The logo is printed in a warm bloody red color which is memorable for those who have watched the show. The letter T is unique to show a blade that is possibly the tool for murder in the TV series running from 2006 to 2013. Additionally, the blood spatters effects on the logo will give the viewers a clear indication of the subsequent episodes. Hats off for the logo designers for the fantastic job done in coming up with the logo.

New TV shows get realized every day, but how many can stand the test of time? The logo design of a series can easily be scripted in our minds and heart; thus the attractive logo is essential for a timeless show.