Are you in the process of planning the perfect wedding? If so, you will know it is not an easy thing to do and countless hours are spent planning and preparing. However, thanks to the rise of WordPress hosting, just about anyone can create a wedding blog. From professional wedding planners to wedding enthusiasts, there are thousands of wedding blogs to follow.

The real issue is finding the blogs that meet your desires. Here are some of the top wedding blogs to follow in 2019.

Modern Wedding Blog

Having trouble picking the perfect dress, hair styles, bride mates dress, wedding cake, or just about anything else? If so, don’t feel bad, everyone goes through it. The Modern Wedding Blog goes through all of these topics and shares multiple solutions for every problem you may run into while planning your perfect day. The best part is they are all modern trends, although there are some classic recommendations as well.

This blog covers every single topic related to weddings and it is a must follow for anyone planning a wedding in 2019.

Style Me Pretty

Are you concerned about being as fashionable as possible at your wedding? If so, you are not alone. Many brides to be want their special day to be as perfect as possible and a lot of planning is required to make that happen. The Style Me Pretty blog can help you pick the best design and give you the beauty tips you need to look your very best.

If your looking for the best design and beauty tips in 2019, the Style Me Pretty blog is the perfect blog to follow.


Let’s face it, planning a wedding is difficult, and affording it is another problem altogether. The Ruffled blog shares creative ways to have a wedding, but what separates this blog from the competition is the plethora of do it yourself wedding ideas for items like party favors and decorations. Doing some of the work yourself can easily save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

If you are looking for creative DIY solutions to give your wedding day a more personal touch, the Ruffled blogs is a great choice to follow.

A Practical Wedding

One of the biggest issues when planning a wedding is the price of it. Logistics is a challenge for any large-scale event and deciding how many people should be invited is also difficult. The A Practical Wedding blog is built around this very concept, sharing money saving strategies, proper logistics planning, and multiple DIY projects to help cut costs. No one wants to admit it, but a wedding is dictated by two factors, creativity and money.

If you are struggling financially, proper planning is essential for having a wedding, and this blog can help you through it.

Once Wed

Without a doubt, the brides dress is the biggest focus of attention at the wedding. The Once Wed blog focuses on picking the best dress possible for any bride. It also includes beauty tips to help you look your best while wearing your wedding dress. An of course, picking out the perfect hairstyle to compliment your dress.

If you are focused on finding the perfect wedding dress, this is the blog for you.

Make Your Special Day Perfect

Weddings are hard to plan, but it all pays off when you say I do. Wedding blogs can help you through the planning phase and thanks to the popularity of WordPress hosting, there is no shortage of wedding blogs. Of course, that makes finding the blogs that are worth following more difficult.

These are only a few of the top blogs to follow, but don’t worry if they are not to your liking. There are thousands of other blogs that may meet your needs better and a Google search will lead you right to them.