404 error page is critical for any site, as it shows up when client tries to open a page and the connection is broken or moved or might be it has never existed and peruser has wound up at a wrong page this is when 404 error page is required. Each and every client on the web has arrived on no less than one 404 page in their whole client surfing knowledge.

In all actuality the number that clients arrive on 404 pages is essentially higher than only one. Frequently when a client land on a 404 page, they wind up leaving your site accordingly expanding your ricochet rate. High skip rate can contrarily affect your site by diminishing your income from sponsors and the sky is the limit from there.

I see a large portion of the web proprietor and originator dependably attempt to make their site more alluring look and one of the plan page is 404 error page. Today, will impart to you some inventive 404 page templates to give your blunder page that exceptional look. These layouts are made by proficient designers and developers. Look at the accompanying layouts of the 404 error page outline in cool and bright designs.

1. Monstrum

Monstrum is a perfect, responsive and lovely 404 mistake page, with astonishing foundation liveliness. This layout is reasonable for each site with pages not found or broken URLs.


2. Lost In Forest

This is a basic and stylish format with an energized. It’s responsive and substantial HTML5 format and it’s prepared to show all the regular HTTP mistakes. Culminate reported in pdf organize with code tests how you can change foundation or change blunder code message or change liveliness style.

Lost In Forest

3. Sosada

Basic 404 page with inventive outline, completely responsive and efficient. It works with portable and tablet gadgets and it will be a decent expansion for your site.


4. Sunset

This is a completely responsive Animated 404 HTML page it’s extraordinary and innovative 404 mistake page format for your site.


5. Worker Lost

Worker Lost is a completely responsive and Animated 404 page with 2 eye snappy hues. Its a l00% versatile good plan and prepared to use for your site blunder pages.

Worker Lost

6. Custom 404 Error Page – Missing Jigsaw Piece

Custom 404 Error Page – Missing Jigsaw Piece


7. Smart 404 Page

Smart 404 Page


8. Lost in the Clouds – Error 404

Lost in the Clouds – Error 404


9. 404 Error Page

404 Error Page


10. 404 Pingu

404 Pingu


11. Green Board 404 Error – Page Not Found

Green Board 404 Error – Page Not Found


12. Fancy Jquery 404 Error Popup

Fancy Jquery 404 Error Popup


13. Lost in Space – Error 404

Lost in Space – Error 404


14. Modern Error Page Template 25 in 1

404 page templates
Modern Error Page Template 25 in 1


15. 404 Idea Style – 404 Page Templates

404 page templates