Do you want your employees to be more engaged in work? We’ll tell you how!

While most of the people believe that the intranet is dead, they don’t realize that they are referring to the old one. The old intranet was in no doubt, both ugly and clunky. Moreover, the navigation was lacking the basic features as well.

Today’s intranet is not just engaging but is pleasing, as well. Nowadays, Intranets are referred more as portals of content and collaboration that has a large number of added benefits all this for an organization like yours.

Several infographics talk about the engagement of employees, and it states these as follows: 

  • More than 70% of US employees are not engaged in work at all
  • The teamwork is up to 25% more efficient
  • Employees prefer designs more

Therefore, it is visible that an organization needs intranet to boost the productivity of their employees.

Here are the reasons that make this statement even more authentic:

1. An intranet boosts the team productivity

By using an intranet for your team, you can enjoy numerous features such as the reduction in the usage of email and faster responses on issues regardless of their priority, which means both the small and the significant problems can be solved with ease by the use of an intranet.

Furthermore, it also makes the task of gathering information a cakewalk, and the employees will find it comparatively easy to search for information. Moreover, it also provides the employees with exclusive as well as necessary tools that will help them perform their desired role much more effectively.

2. Intranet provides the ease of collaboration for the organization

When you have an intranet in your organization, the location of the employees is not a matter of concern. The team can collaborate even while being on the outskirts. Moreover, they also get the ease of communication and share ideas.

With an intranet, the employees will be able to accomplish tasks together, and they will also become capable of engaging with a different unit. They will also be updated on the fact that what the other team is doing.

3. Intranet makes the company culture stronger

The intranet, as we stated earlier, makes it easy for the employees to collaborate and establish a communication channel between each other. They also get a chance to know more about each other and their colleagues.

The involvement of a social element in the intranet will not only provide a friendly and familiar atmosphere in the workplace, but it will also be beneficial when you need to publish news or make an announcement for the employees.

This will make the company’s communication culture even more flexible, and you will be able to gather feedback from employees and make it easy to recognize them and the teams.

4. Intranet makes knowledge management secure

The intranet can also be used as a place to store the documents of a company in a highly secure channel. Moreover, this will act as a central place for papers and can be used and accessed by anyone who is a part of the intranet. Furthermore, the documents will always be up to date there.

The intranet also ensures that the turnover of the staff is not affect ting the knowledge access for your employees. Moreover, there are search tools as well that makes it easier for the employees to find the data that is relevant for them and appropriate for their position in the job.

5. Intranet makes the workforce more engaged and connected

The modern intranet works effortlessly to enhance the experience of an employee, and for that, it just needs to be designed well. Furthermore, it promotes the efficiency and growth of the employees. This, in turn, enables them to give more innovative ideas and increases the connectivity between them as well.

That is all an organization needs to make the workforce more engaging and productive.


So that is how an intranet can greatly benefit your organization and the reasons why you need one. Once again, don’t confuse it with the intranet of the old era. That’s all we have for today.