Budding Bloggers check this out – You can be a Pro. One of my friends asked me about how to start a blog. He knows how good I’m making from my blog. Maybe that is the reason, he asked me about that.

Likewise, as soon as we hear about blogging and how its helping people to earn a living, everyone will think like its as easy as pie. However, it’s not exactly. Anyone who has a decent flair for writing can write a blog that is for sure. However, that cannot promise you that you can make a living out of it.

To take your blog to the extent that can earn you some bucks will take time as well as few understandings. There are millions of people writing blogs. Some people will write about their hobby, some other will write about their passion, few are like to write their cooking and equally their garden. They all are not writing to making a living; they have distinct reasons to pacify their appetite.

Since we have numerous platforms to start writing at the very moment that we are deciding to write, anyone can be a blogger. We are spoiled for choice. But a vast majority of these people don’t even know whether their blogs are keeping a worth read manner or all sort of people. We cannot assure that everyone will love to read our blog. However, it is a fact that everyone loves to read they love. So, if we can write the way they love to read, we are in the road to success as a blogger.

Let’s check our own life experience, do you love to have a better guard pudding, when you have a choice of a cheeseburger. Likewise, people won’t prefer the juicy and crunchy snacks, instead of half boiled jerks. So, always keep an eye on your writing to keep it as a honey candy loved by everyone. Also, there are a few more factors that people look through before step into our digital address like, the security, authenticity, our receptiveness, etc…but most of us fail to sort out these rudimentary elements.

Let’s check out the common mistakes that every budding blogger are probable:

The insecure free services

We all like freebies, isn’t it? Yeah, everyone likes to get everything free. It excites us and equally inspires to get more as well.

One of the big mistakes that we probably make, we jump in without even a second thought is the free hosting services. We invest our lot of time and our freshly brewed write up that deserves a massive audience to an overlooked rental house where people afraid to even peep. There we won’t get a specific address, we will renowned as an alien and would be under someone’s identity.

We won’t get a specific domain, couldn’t even have a space to accommodate our new followers, pathetic follower support and not also let us get a living from our works as well. Also, our security would be a stake.

People would prefer to be in vulnerable places. They are very concerned about their security. So, a website or a blog page that cannot even afford security by installing an SSL certification would be count as an insecure destination. They won’t feel safe and get afraid to recommend others as well. So, it’s mandatory to secure blogs by migrating to HTTPS with an SSL certificate.

A disciplined blogger

Yeah, we now that a good writer can write from any scraps that his eyes get struck upon. It may be at the eh market, maybe while watching a movie and even playing with our nephew. We cannot predict from where we will get the thread for a fresh story.

Even so, if we can able to schedule it and publish our works at a decent pace, it would be good. Also, instead of mashed our guise, use a similar style and walkway that helps the reader to reach the core of your story easy.

There would be some audience who are keenly waiting for your every next post and never make them distressed. So, once you decide to start blogging, keep your pace in all seasons. It will help you out to climb further rungs.

Talk to them rather writing to them

People of today, love to talk more than reading. Even in the books and daily newspapers, they prefer talks than the far-flung research articles. They do not need the complex codes and hashes that people them; they need the information that required.

So never try to exhibit all our lexical capability to the fellow audience, they cannot digest it and rather write in a way that conveys the story even on a single glance.

Be specific in your topic

We may know a lot about the subject and its nuances. We have been done in-depth research to unroll the very facts behind the question. However, it doesn’t seem; our readers like to delve deep into the matter as we do. Never forget to stick on the subject and never digress.

We are not going to you disdain the very facts that you dig out, but add it only at the relevant spaces. Moreover, never forget the prime focus of the purpose of your blog post.

So, neither be a cacophony a and nor be a purr. Speak in a pleasant appeasing voice that includes everything that a reader sought after.

Creativity works here

People hate the sacks of words and its collections. They need some garnishes around the dish, that prompts them to devour it. So, we can add as much as of our creative stuff around it. Whether I can be a picture, a meme, a gif, and even a video clip. Also, it should connect the context and the ambiance a well.

We cannot paint a Monalisa, for our how to be a C++ coder. Every ad one that we proposed to attach with it wrote up should mingle with the context, that’s all.

It would be better if we can create our graphics or images for our blogs. People love knew; they have a curiosity to watch new and to spread new. So be unique in whatever you make.

No one is there in this world that can think and write like you. We all are as unique as us. Just go ahead, keel the fact and Abe unique, success will follow you paths, for sure.