22 Best Hotel Logos Designs with Second Thought To Make You Look Twice

The Logo Design series is up and running! The logo should be such that it should convey what ambience you can find in the hotel, what food you could expect at the restaurant. A unique and creative logo design is a must thing for a hotel as it helps them to make their hotel stand out in the crowd. Another important point that should be in a restaurant logo is that they should be easy to read, they should not be very complex to understand.

All these attributes of the logo help the hotels or restaurants not only to create their brand but also to grow their business by making the consumers to come right in and have a bite at their place. We’re thinking ahead and we want to find new ways to sort these listings. In this post I am publishing 22 really creative and cool logos for hotels and restaurants for your logo inspiration.

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1. Hotel Aruba

Hotel Aruba

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3. Logo Design by Sugarpits

Logo Design by Sugarpits

4. Super 8 Hotel

Super 8 Hotel

5. Rutland Arms Hotel

Rutland Arms Hotel

6. Vista Hotel

Vista Hotel

7. Logo Design by Lega Lcrash

Logo Design by Lega Lcrash

8. Nobilis


9. MoonCake Cafe

MoonCake Cafe

10. Nobilis Hotel Official Logo

Nobilis Hotel Official Logo

11. Tonys/SeaFood


12. Lindy’s Corner Cafe

Lindy's Corner Cafe

13. Tea Lovers

Tea Lovers

14. Tomasso’s


15. Mango Resort Logo

Mango Resort Logo

16. Hotel Logo Design by Logorithms

Hotel Logo Design by Logorithms

17. Saxon


18. Souq Waqif Hotel

Souq Waqif Hotel

19. Metro Park Inn

Metro Park Inn

20.  The View Point Inn

The View Point Inn

21. Hotel de la Poste

Hotel de la Poste



Now that you’ve seen a sample of hotel related logos, do you have any favorites? Also! I hope you will have liked this awesome and outstanding logos designs for your inspiration. Feel free to share your comments with us.

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