Nowadays, creating quality content is very important for marketers and bloggers. Every day, they need to post compelling photos and valuable text on their blogs and business social networks to attract more readers. Needless to say, it may take a lot of time to edit photos and articles for the blog or website. Here, we have brought you some reliable apps to save your time. Go ahead and view our magic lists of the best photo and content editing apps that will make your life easier!

5 Amazing Apps to Edit Your Content

When you’re writing texts for the blog, it’s important to avoid mistakes and typos. But sometimes we just don’t have time to sit down and check everything. The best thing to do is to edit content with these simple but effective ways.

  1. Grammarly. This is the most widely-known tool writers use to check their content. It helps to boost skills and create great texts without mistakes. Proofread your social media posts just in a few seconds and correct all the errors without stress. This tool also has a premium version that allows users to check their posts for plagiarism and has additional functions to improve the text. You can use this tool on virtually any computer, smartphone and tablet. It’s a great decision for when you need to write quality content without hiring an editor.
  2. Hemingway Editor. It’s an online application that will help to check content and enhance its style. You can easily improve your texts following suggestions of this program. It checks your writing for readability and suggests deleting or paraphrasing collocations to make the text more coherent and readable. You can use the online version on the website or download a desktop app. Use this application on both Mac OS or Windows computers.
  3. EssayPro. When you need to make sure your content has no mistakes, trust experienced professionals who know everything about proofreading! Visit and ask for help. Expert writers and editors can do their job quickly and without wasting your time. With this service, your texts will be safe, and the content quality will be top-notch. If you always wanted to outsource your content writing but didn’t know where to look for – here’s a service that will take your troubles away.
  4. Ginger. Use this tool to proofread your texts online or offline. The application has three versions: free, basic (with a monthly fee), and premium (requires a one-time purchase). Ginger is a program that can be easily integrated with MS Word, that’s why many users like it. You can check texts right on your computer without copy-pasting or uploading it online. Ginger supports both British and American English. Many writers choose this tool for its compatibility with MS Word that cannot mark all the errors Ginger detects.
  5. If you need a simple but effective online grammar checker, choose this one and you’ll never regret it! If you need to proofread your blog post without wasting time and downloading any desktop applications, this online editor is perfect for you! Simply copy your text and paste it in the field. The app highlights various types of mistakes with different colors. It gives recommendations on how to correct your errors and which words to replace to make your text easy to read and mistake-free. Don’t worry about privacy, all your texts will be deleted immediately after checking.

5 Great Apps to Edit Your Photos

When you own an online business, you need to catch customers’ attention with outstanding pictures on social media. Use photo editing apps to improve your visuals. Editing your images is essential to maintain the same theme, style and overall mood of your publications. Meet these five wonderful mobile applications to edit photos for your blog or site faster and easier.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express. This is a great tool with tons of features to edit photos on your phone. It is free and very easy to use – just upload a photo from your phone and start improving it. It has all the tools you need. You can adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, apply filters, crop, and edit color on separate areas. When you have completed editing the image, you can save it on your phone for later use or share it online immediately. Be informed that you have to create a free Adobe account before using this app.
  2. Visage. If you’re a blogger who writes interesting content posting your photos on Instagram every day, it’s important to make sure you always look perfect. It’s perfectly human to have bags under the eyes or a few pimples but if you post your pictures and use your face as a brand, it must look impeccable. Visage app lets you retouch portrait photos fast. Make your selfies perfect without wasting time! Install free version or upgrade to the pro version at an acceptable fee ($4.99-9.99 per year).
  3. VSCO. It’s one of the most popular tools among the Instagram users. It has wonderful characteristics that allow users to edit their pictures easy and quickly. Crop your photos, adjust highlights, exposure, balance,and other features. The app allows direct sharing to social media sites. Users can download VSCO on both Android and iOS-powered devices. This is a free app but you can upgrade it for a fee. Paid version contain much more filters and presets.
  4. Snapseed. This is another excellent application with a great range of features to create perfect photos for your blog, website, or social network. This app comes for free and it contains various filters you may use.  There is also an option to edit and enhance the filters to make them match your personal style or preferences. Just in a few minutes you can crop images and adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation to make amazing photos to impress your audience.
  5. Live Collage. This app allows you to make a bunch of great collages for any needs. Choose from various colorful backgrounds, multiple options for photos placement, and add text in different sizes, colors, and fonts. When you need to create an eye-catching collage, the Live Collage app is a must-have!

Wrapping up

Nowadays, a mistake in a blog article or uneven skin can ruin your reputation forever. Therefore, it’s as important as ever to only post the most perfect content. Select simple and effective apps to edit your photos and content in a breeze. Spend minutes with useful tools and create catchy images and impressive articles without mistakes. We hope this article has been helpful and you will never have to research looking for the best editing apps again.