Review of IM Creator

The Internet is one of the most pioneering inventions of modern science. Things like video chatting, instant messaging, emails, getting your desired content in a few seconds with Google, etc. that would have appeared as science fiction a few years back have become a reality today. I think I can safely say that if somehow the Internet of the whole world were turned off for a day it would result in a lot problematic circumstances for a considerable large population.

A website is your online home. It is the place where you publish stuff of your own choice and let the world see it. Thousands of tools exist to help you design your website. Out of them I recommend IM Creator.

The name “IM Creator” sounds like “I am creator” or “I’m creator”. This is not a co incidence. After using the IM Creator’s tools you will become a creator of excellent websites even if you don’t have any programming and coding skills. The tool has been used by users throughout the world to create about a million professional websites.  The number one million should be enough to convince you that IM Creator is a trustworthy tool.

Constructing a website with IM Creator is easy and involves just three steps as discussed below.

Step 1 – Choose a design

Different templates are suitable for different kinds of websites. A sports website, say, requires different functionality and structure than what a business based website will require. IM Creator understands this notion and hence they host a large collection of website templates to choose from. Whether you want an online portfolio site or a business based site or a restaurant site – these and many more templates are available on the IM Creator site. And this collection is updated monthly with new, fresh templates.

Step 2 – Customize

IM Creator provides fully customizable functionality for its templates. This means that suppose you choose a template to run your site on but you don’t like the color of its header text. No problem. It can be changed by just a few clicks of keyboards. Similarly you can, of course, replace the text and media stuff of a template with your own stuff to make the site your own.

Step 3 – Publish

Once you have selected a design and customized it according to your needs you are ready to publish it. Yes with IM Creator it is as simple as that. The site provides you with three different options to choose from. One is the free one in which you will get 50 MB of free hosting. You can also buy your standard domain name, in case you already don’t own one, and buy professional email ids. Professional email id implies an email id like and not something like See the image below for details.

If you already own a domain name then you can easily link it with your IM Creator website. As is clear from the image above you can get unlimited webhosting for as low as $9.95 per month. So go and check the site out and let me know what do you feel in the comments below.