10 Inspiring Yet Minimalistic Sticker Designs

Stickers have to be one of the best ways of getting your brand out there in front of a large audience. For whatever reason though, a lot of companies shy away from sticker printing as a form of marketing and a lot of sticker printing companies have seen huge reductions in the number of companies ordering stickers from them in recent years.

Clearly, a lot of this is down to the way marketing has changed over the years. Online marketing is now more popular than ever and a lot of start up companies are putting the majority of their marketing budget into online marketing tactics.

Although online marketing can be extremely powerful, I believe that stickers are one of the all time best marketing tactics for businesses of any size. I believe they’re perfectly suited to start-ups as they’re an extremely low-cost and cost-effective marketing tactic. Similarly, I think they’re well-suited to larger companies with bigger budgets as in most cases, the effect of the larger marketing budget will simply serve to emphasise the huge ROI.

If you’re looking to invest in sticker marketing for your business (or if you’re working on a design for a client), you might have gotten stuck on the design stage. If this is the case, I’m here to help. I’ve rounded up a list of the most inspirational, yet minimalistic sticker designs out there.

1. Jack And Jasons

If you’ve got a Twitter account, chances are that you have a few close friends as followers, but aside from that, hardly anyone at all. This might be fine for your personal account, but what if you have a business account? Or perhaps if you’re a freelancer?

If you want to gain more followers, these great minimalistic Twitter stickers might be perfect for you. As you can see, they’re pretty simple and contain the users Twitter handle and Twitter logo, that’s all.

Jack And Jasons

2. Nerdery

Nerdery is an interactive production company based in the United States and to gain more publicity for their brand, the company created these beautifully well-designed stickers.

They’re relatively simple as they’re pretty much just the company logo, but they look absolutely fantastic nonetheless. Plus, they appeal to the companies target audience due to the way they’re designed.


3. Start up Weekend

Start Up Weekend is an event held each year in Tampa, USA which caters to start-up companies by offering a range of useful information and advice.

These beautiful stickers are bright and colourful, yet also simple and minimalistic. The stickers feature a cool image of the Tampa skyline too.

Start up Weekend

4. Groupon Vader

Groupon is one of the world’s leading daily deals websites and from time to time, they run various promotions to gather interest for the brand.

During a recent promotion. Groupon created these cool Groupon Vader stickers. Clearly, they play on the Star Wars theme and therefore, appeal to a wide range of consumers. They’re exceptionally simple and as you can see, only feature the Groupon branding on a tiny part of the design.

Groupon Vader

5. Portland Code School

Portland Code School does exactly what it says on the tin; it teaches you to code. However, computer coding is a subject that has always been considered to be rather boring whereas in reality, it can be extremely interesting and thought provoking.

With the aim of gathering attention for the business, Portland Code School created these beautifully minimalistic cartoon-style stickers featuring a dinosaur coding on a laptop. A cool and fun idea.

Portland Code School

6. Railsberry

Railsberry is a European Rails Conference that is held each year in Europe. As you can image, it’s not the most interesting of events on the face of it but luckily, Railsberry has beautiful design and branding on their side.

These stickers are essentially a clever concept of a raspberry combined with a light bulb. The colors are beautiful yet the design is very simple and straightforward.


7. Reddit

Reddit is one of the most widely visited social bookmarking websites on the internet and as you can imagine, it’s a website that relies very much on word of mouth (along with social sharing of course).

Reddit has a pretty massive community in the online world; many of whom are avid Reddit fans. To help these fans recruit more avid fans, Reddit created these simple yet minimalistic stickers featuring the Reddit logo to get their brand noticed.


8. Made In Los Angeles

To be honest, I’m not sure who created these stickers or what company they were for, but I can only imagine the company was extremely proud of the fact that their products were made in LA.

These are exceptionally simple stickers as you can see. They’re black and white and feature the words “Made in Los Angeles”; nothing else. They look great though.

Made In Los Angeles

9. MailChimp

If you’re familiar with the email marketing service; MailChimp, you might be familiar with their chimp mascot. This chimp features on the company’s website and just about every marketing material they ever produce. It could be said that the chimp itself is responsible for the success of MailChimp, as it helped add some fun to an industry that was rather corporate and dull beforehand.

Nonetheless, in a recent marketing campaign, MailChimp’s chimp mascot appears to be dressed as a Viking. He still looks great though and so do the stickers. I’m sure these appealed to MailChimp’s audience of savvy business people and webmasters.


10. Tokaido

I absolutely love these stickers and I love the concept. As you can see, they have been designed to replicate a used travel ticket. You can see the perforated edges and the travel stamp.

Clearly, this is all part of the design and although it’s a pretty simple idea, it’s an idea that virtually no other company has ever thought of. Plus, the colours used throughout the sticker help to ensure that they attract attention wherever they’re placed. Great design.