A List of Cool Minimal Print Advertisements

Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade its viewers to take some action. They must deliver powerful messages which attract people’s attention. In addition to this, it always impresses you when something absolutely simple is capable of expressing more than you would imagine.

Minimal ads are always popular for their simplicity, single image, one- or two-word catchy slogan, strong message, and few colors. Below is a showcase of 20 creative and amazing designed minimalist print ads inspiration. The messages are quick and easily digestible. These gives rise to the concept of awesome minimalist ads.

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1. Lego Ad

Lego Ad

2. Faber Castell True Colours

Faber Castell True Colours

3. Colgate Dental Floss – Strawberry

Colgate Dental Floss - Strawberry

4. Original Mitsubishi Parts: Porcupine

Original Mitsubishi Parts: Porcupine

5. XPC Sandisk

XPC Sandisk

6. WWF: Tree

WWF: Tree

7. Listerine: Ashtray

Listerine: Ashtray

8. Sports Association for the Handicapped

Sports Association for the Handicapped

9. Veet: Soap

Veet: Soap

10. K-Lynn Lingerie: Panties

K-Lynn Lingerie: Panties

11. Pringles Rice Infusions: Sushi

Pringles Rice Infusions: Sushi

12. Faber Castell: Night

Faber Castell: Night

13. Hospital Aleman: Stairs

Hospital Aleman: Stairs

14. Smoke it outside

Smoke it outside

15. Hard Hat

Hard Hat

16. Hospital Aleman – Tree

Hospital Aleman - Tree

17. Levis: Four

Levis: Four

18. Coca-Cola Light

Coca-Cola Light

19. Paris


20. Colgate Floss: Brain

Colgate Floss: Brain