Five Things that Can Be Done With a Free Domain Name

Free domain names often leave people wondering what to do with them and many opt to never use them when in reality they could be using them to create some kind of campaign or even help to improve the reach of a business. There are a number of possibilities, some of which are mentioned below:

It can sometimes be difficult to find the domain name of your choice with the right extension and it is common to find a domain that is right for you because the problem is that it has already been taken.  However, it is still possible to have your desired domain name but it could have an alternative extension such as .uk, or and if this is the case then it gives you the chance to take it and use it. You have the option to either redirect it as your main domain name or even use it for rebranding.

If your website is particularly large, such as an online store then it can often be tough to show your customers exactly what they may be looking for. A site that has an excellent search facility will be of great use but you may want to advertise a certain brand or even a range of items. For those domain names that are locale it can help to point them in the direction of the branch in that location. This gives you the chance to emphasise certain brand and launch products whilst not having to worry about building the website because it is already available.

You may have new ideas and want to try something new such as programming, blogging or even a new business which is why a domain name is a great way to start from scratch. Find the best and most suitable web hosting company and point your free domain name to it and away you go! There are no rules to this and it does not even have to relate to your business. You may want somewhere where you can keep people informed on personal things such as family or somewhere where you can post photos, a free domain name is a great way and fun way of building a new site.

A free domain name can help you to test certain markets. You can test branding strategies along with special offers and you can even target the right people. You can advertise your site and put a campaign together and then work by pointing customers to both the real domain and free domain to find out what really works for you and what doesn’t.

Finally, if you make the decision to leave the domain name it is always wise to make sure that you are in possession of as many different versions of your business name as possible because in the future it could be difficult to get hold of them. As a minimum, if you are in the UK then you should own the and domain name addresses. In some instances many companies now reserve the .uk domain names for those who own the domain so perhaps it makes sense to get yours now.

It is clear to see that a free domain name has a whole host of obvious benefits as well as many others. A free domain name opens doors for businesses to test and understand their market and it can also be used to host photos and even keep friends and families informed on certain topics. In a nutshell, a free domain name has more use that many believe which can only be a good thing!