150+ Amazing Free Doodles Photoshop Brushes for Download

Doodle art is gaining more highlights and popularity in the internet. Many people consider doodle art as something that anyone can do and therefore not really art. A Doodle is a type of sketch or a simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes. However, with the popularity of scrapbooking and the internet, doodle art has evolved as a legitimate art form.

Here, I will illustrate an exciting and very cute collection of 150+ delightful and adorable Doodles Photoshop brushes. Also, these brushes can be used in a professional designer’s works, for example creating toy store design or website for kids. The collection below present some interesting and cute Photoshop brushes that obviously you can download for free. To download each brush set, just click on the link found below each preview image. Enjoy these cool doodle art Photoshop brushes!

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1. Random Doodle Brushes

Random Doodle Brushes

2. Mariko’s Psychedelic Brush Set

Mariko’s Psychedelic Brush Set

3. Creative Doodles Photoshop Brush

Creative Doodles Photoshop Brush

4. Barbed Wire Brushes

Barbed Wire Brushes

5. 6 Doodle Brushes

6 Doodle Brushes

6. 18 Cute Brushes

18 Cute Brushes

7. Random Cute Stuff Brushes

Random Cute Stuff Brushes

8. 14 Cute Brushes

14 Cute Brushes

9. 30 Cool Brushes

30 Cool Brushes

10. 6 Doodle Frames Brushes

Doodle Frames Brushes

11. 17 Brushes Set – Handmade Doodles

17 Brushes Set - Handmade Doodles

12. Back to School

Back to School

13. Doodle Brush Pack

Doodle Brush Pack

14. Doodle Brushes

Doodle Brushes

15. Modern Style Brushes

Modern Style Brushes

16. Dashed Line Brushes

Dashed Line Brushes

17. Hate Doodle Brush

Hate Doodle Brush

18. Cute Randomage Brushes

Cute Randomage Brushes

19. 24 Paisley Doodle Photoshop Brushes

Paisley Doodle Photoshop Brushes

20. Dirt2 Secret Garden Brushes

Dirt2 Secret Garden Brushes

21. CU Hand Drawn Doodle Brushes

CU Hand Drawn Doodle Brushes

22. New Rave Brushes

New Rave Brushes

I tried to link most of the downloads back to the creators personal site. So we can see other amazing works from them. If you’ve downloaded a set or two and used it, tell me your favorite or send a link to what you’ve created. I hope you enjoyed this post, please consider to subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader.

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