Whether your we’ve had your domain for a while, or are new to the world wide web it’s important to always keep communication with your audience at the forefront. Afterall, it is your audiences that ultimately play a role in how successful your website is.  This can be challenging for both new and old websites as viewership can often be in flux.

Here are a few expert ways to engage with your audience more efficiently. 

Communicate Openly

The online realm has made communication easier than ever before. When being in charge of a website however there are times when other tasks may take precedence and communication can begin to lag.  To ensure a compelling flow of communication always be conscious of speaking directly to your audience and avoid talking at or down to them. Followers want to feel as though their interacting with someone who share beliefs and ideals, and you’re much more apt to do so by engaging with audiences directly. Ask them their opinions on things and encourage them to share their own relevancies. 

Custom Stickers

Everyone loves unique handouts as standing out from other websites lets followers know that their interacting with a website that’s innovative and embraces originality. These are traits your audience members want to align themselves with. A freebie that everyone loves receives (whether it be via online orders or at trade shows and events) is the always popular personalized sticker. Stickers are bold, contains relevant information to your business, and they get noticed.  Stickers are a great way to communicate with audiences because it makes them always associate something fun with your website. Which is also a great way to capitalize on word of mouth marketing.

Show also Tell

When your website audience grows large enough and the content you’re providing is exceptional your followers quickly turn into fans. This is a step in the right direction because it means your website has interest, but it also means you’re going to have to go the extra mile to communicate more efficiently. To make audiences feel like they’re getting the insider experience, take them on a behind the scenes tour of what your process or even average day looks like. This doesn’t have to be an expertly directed video, it can be in the form of a photo essay, article, even online journal. Your audience follows you because you offer audiences something they can’t obtain elsewhere, so showing them the ins and outs of your operation feels personal, exclusive, and communicative.   

Magnetic Badges

Another great way to communicate with customers and make them feel like the team is to deck them out to look like they’re a part of it.  Magnetic backed badges are a super trendy accessory because they can be removed and reapplied to jackets, coats, bags, hats, and the like – plus they make a terrific handout or order freebie. Customized magnetic badges can also take the shape of your websites logo, so you can really make your followers feel as though they are a part of a community. And if there’s one thing community members love it’s talking, discussing, and sharing what they have in common (which will bode well for your website traffic). 

Remake and Repost

A lot of efficient communication comes from knowing what demographics your audience is comprised of.  Different demographics interact with different ways. For example, someone may prefer when you post videos, whereas another follower may prefer to read long articles.  Retooling your posts to cater to all your audience’s needs is a great way to communicate to a wide array of audiences.

This doesn’t mean however that you need to create new content in a new medium every time. Maybe a video you made can be turned into a series of gifs for a blog post. Sometimes a long article can be condescended and make a great looking infographic.  Differentiating media won’t do damage to your SEO and can be more interactive for more audiences, which will ultimately result in more efficient communication.