Functions of the 1&1 Click & Build WordPress App

WordPress is a Web design platform that is open source and allows designers to utilize a wide assortment of applications in order to create their desired website. While other Web design methods require expensive programming software, not to mention years of experience in order to properly create a website, WordPress is much more straight forward and does not require any sort of external software. One application available for designers is the 1&1 Click and Build application. This application, once installed onto a WordPress website, gives the designer free range in building their website, without many restrictions to bog them down.

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Personal Blog

Once the 1&1 Click and Build application is installed, it provides support for just about anything a designer is going to want to do with their site. The application provides a WordPress blog feature, so whatever a website designer wants to upload to the internet on the blog, they are able to do just this. Once the application is installed, it gives off a series of features that a builder only needs to click on. While the application is running, the designer must click on the Blog feature and from there, they can select the particular design they want and the desired look. Once everything is properly chosen to fit their needs, they can begin uploading content to the blog. The personal blog feature of the 1&1 Click and Build application allows the designer to upload everything from written word to video clips and animations. There is no limit to the content a designer can upload. Plus, if the Web designer is creating it for a client, the client is able to easily upload their own content with the blog created.

Full Website Features

1&1 Click and Build application is more than just a personal blog building. WordPress in itself helps lend itself to the creation of blogs, so just having this feature is not drastically different from what WordPress already is without the application. However, the 1&1 Click and Build application makes it possible to create a website with the integration of another programming feature. 1&1 Click and Build application can be integrated into a design protocol such as Typo3, Drupal or Joomla. Many designers have a preference for which design system they use, so if there is already a coding system that is desired, it is easy to select due to the easy 1&1 Click and Build application integration. The management system makes it easy to install the Web hosting packages in order to work with the created website.

Web Store

There are many cases where a Web store is desired for a website. The creation of a Web store can often be problematic, as now the website must work seamlessly with a credit card processing company, not to mention the product page as well. Thankfully though, with the help of 1&1 Click and Build application, it can work along with Magento, which is an online storefront programming kit. This way, all a designer needs to do is add the Magento features to their 1&1 Click and Build application and, from there , simply implement their SEO and marketing tools into the Magento storefront. This way, they are able to start selling products quickly and easily through the WordPress page. It does not take long to configure or set up. A Magento account needs to be opened, in order to add banking and payment information. From there, once the routing and banking information is conformed, a client can then start accepting payments from all over the world. All of this makes the 1&1 Click and Build application a straight forward application to utilize for WordPress pages.