Sometimes, popups feel like someone is staring at your face. They are aggressive. They are irritating. But they cannot be ignored. If popups are so bad, then how can they be good for business at all? Most people think like that and do not even consider using popups for their business. Then how are popups so successful?

Popups always have something to offer to the user. They present a choice to the user in which he has to say YES or NO to it. And if something is being offered, it is hard to say no. It is likely that a user will at least consider if you have something great to offer.

This article will give you some ideas of popups that can benefit your eLearning business.

1. Popups for webinars

Webinars are a very important part of an eLearning business as they aim to deliver information in an educational manner to a large audience. You surely want more and more people to connect with you via a webinar. A well-crafted popup banner for the promotion of a webinar can be highly effective in increasing your reach exponentially. Another reason for popups for webinars to be successful is they need very little information from the user and offer something that is valuable to them without presenting any compulsions. 

2. Blog subscription popups

If a visitor wants to read an article on your blog and has spent some time reading it, it is evident he likes your content and is a potential subscriber. Presenting him with a popup offering a free subscription and an opportunity to receive the latest updates first (maybe some other benefits too) doesn’t sound like a deal much people will say no to. 

3. Popups for offline events

As an eLearning business, it is important to regularly get in direct touch with your audience and users. Offline events are a way of doing this. You’ll need a marketing strategy for the promotion for the event to be a success. 

4. Popups for cashback

Imagine if someone is willing to buy a certain product/service and sees a popup offering cashback. Such popups are great to increase your sales because if there was a slight possibility of the person abandoning his cart, the odds of that happening become even less.

5. Free demo popup

If you’re an eLearning business, then there is no need to explain the importance of free demos. Think of it as a one-year gym membership. Nobody would pay such a huge amount straightaway without needing a free demo of the services. Similarly, customers need a free demo for a limited period to actually see how efficient your products/services are. Promoting your free demos becomes much easier with popups.  

6. Popups in videos

Videos are a very important part of any eLearning business. Consumption of video content has grown exponentially over the last few years and is expected to grow even more. Popups in videos can be a game-changer if used efficiently. You need to find the correct timing of the popup and make sure that it is relevant to the video content. If a user is interested in your video content, then certainly he will be interested in something awesome that you’re offering in the popup. 

7. Popups for discounts

A discount is something that can never go unnoticed and using a popup to offer discounts is a fantastic idea. Not only will they get noticed and clicked through, but will also seal the deal for you. You can also offer discounts on sign-up popups. This is a great way to increase your email list as well. 


Here we discussed some of the possible popup banner ideas for eLearning industry. If you have something that you can add, share in the comments section.