25 Most Creative and Unusual Business Cards You Will Ever See

Business card is a card printed or engraved with a person’s name and business affiliation. Normally attach on it could be information such like title, address, telephone number and even logo of a company or private. Business cards are used to promote company or individual business. Most business card designs are boring and dull with black text on white background. And on other side there are many attractive business cards which are effective, remarkable and stand out. If you are planning to create an awesome business card for your company, you should make sure of its quality.

In today’s article, we proudly present a series of truly creative business card design together with tutorials and template that you can start with. Here’s a list of a collection of 25 creative business card designs to enhance more your creativity and get inspired.

1. Sucker Jeans Business Card

Sucker Jeans Business Card

2. Creative Business Card of Blue Bird Design

Creative Business Card of Blue Bird Design

3. Rampi Ddonello Business Card

Rampi Ddonello Business Card

4. Sketchy Pictures Business Card

Sketchy Pictures Business Card

5. We Shoot Cocktails Business Card

We Shoot Cocktails Business Card

6. Personal Business Card

Personal Business Card

7. Bridge Photographic Business Card

Bridge Photographic Business Card

8. Letterpress Business Card For Wedding Photographer

Letterpress Business Card For Wedding Photographer

9. Metal Card Graff’Illusion

Metal Card Graff'Illusion

10. Elegant Dentist Business Card

Elegant Dentist Business Card

11. Casabella Business Card by Amanda Casabella

Casabella Business Card by Amanda Casabella

12. Ice Drink Business Card Design

Ice Drink Business Card Design

13. Creative Business Card – Mineral Spring Water

Creative Business Card - Mineral Spring Water

14. Bold Perspective Business Card

Bold Perspective Business Card

15. Ninja Business Card

Ninja Business Card

16. HairDresser Business Cards

HairDresser Business Cards

17. Broke Bike Alley Business Card

Broke Bike Alley Business Card

18. Dufter Typ

Dufter Typ

19.  Armadillo Business Cards

Armadillo Business Cards

20. Manicurist Card

Manicurist Card

21. Mark Ramadan’s Food Blog Business Card

Mark Ramadan's Food Blog Business Card

22. Metal Business Card

Metal Business Card

23. Jay Kwong

Jay Kwong

24. Big Love Creative Agency

Big Love Creative Agency

25. Chris Fisher – Radio Presenter

Chris Fisher - Radio Presenter

We hope you will like these awesome business cards. Hope this helps you in giving your mind a kick start in getting some really antique ideas for your next project. Feel free to share your comments with us.

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    But you do realise I’ll have to retrain as a hairdresser now? Completely fallen in love with the hairdresser card…

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