Why Use WordPress For Your Business Website?

These days it is no longer debatable the importance of having a company website. The fundamental question is what service to choose to have the site you want, providing the most efficient service that meets our needs and those of our users like a glove.

There are hundreds of companies that devote their energy to web design, hosting, offering a complete service, so we are spoiled for choice.

A WordPress website for your business is the way to move forward.

Why is WordPress so popular?

As reported by about.com there are many benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website, and perhaps the most important ones can be summarized as:

You do not need much technical knowledge for installation:

– Easy to upgrade
– Friendly administration panel
– Thousands of developers improve every day the product altruistically
Crowd plugin or extensions that allow you to install applications or make improvements to the website without the need of a developer.

What are the benefits for my business?

WordPress is the ideal platform for small business and enterprises as presents numerous advantages over other platforms, such us, Drupal.

Corporate blogs can be easily incorporated to the business website. With a blog you can write articles on any subject, and users can write comments on articles, producing an interaction between business and visitors. Reports from marketingquery.com/about/  suggest that corporate blogs can be extremely important for business, in order to produce customer engagement and the establishment of a community, with the final aim of driving qualified traffic to your website..

A WordPress page never comes up short; there are over 30,000 free plugins ready for download from the official repository. These plugins add new features to your web allowing expandable and have a live page.

Design: WordPress themes feeds or templates that is the element that puts a face on your page. There are designs on architecture, restaurants, schools, corporate, and all imaginable subjects. This allows you to create a page with a very attractive design without making a large financial investment.

Custom Development: If you need to develop a specific function for your WordPress page not found in the market, you can find developers for programming this function for you.

SEO: wordtracker.com has reported several times that WordPress is a semantic publishing tool which is designed and intended for SEO and best positions in search engines. Installing plugins and doing some very specific configurations can achieve a very high SEO score which will bring many visitors to your website.

Multilanguage: WordPress lets you create web pages in different languages ​​, no matter whether it is Europe, Asia or any other continent.

Social network: installing the right plugins can add social share buttons to all the contents of your site for your visitors to share your content on their profiles, and this way your brand becomes popular quickly. A WordPress site can serve you to post news, events, articles on any subject you can assign passwords so that only certain items to be seen by anyone you want.

With a WordPress page you can sell online: ithemes.com has shared information about how to sell effectively online using a WordPress platform. If you want to simply sell products without stock control, without order management, you can easily install manually a PayPal button that will allow selling directly and easily with a tool it takes to set 30 minutes.

Further, you can install an online chat to communicate with web visitors and answer your questions at the time, or even to support prices. Even more, if you have companies interested in placing advertising on your web page you’re in luck, because there are different plugins that allow you to manage advertising within your WordPress page.

Booking systems can also be created. There are different plugins to create booking within your web page. This is intended for restaurants, hotels, lodgings, fairs and congresses. Also bulletins, newsletters and email advertising can be achieved.

These are also interesting options at your fingertips with very little effort and economic investment. This list of advantages does not end here because it is infinite; this is the WordPress universe, an endless place.