Which Custom Font Plugins are Best for WordPress Websites?

Choosing a custom font plugin isn’t always easy. There are many of choices out there and they can all help you do some pretty cool things with your WordPress website.

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Here’s a look at a few of the best choices for your custom font plugin.

WP Google Fonts

This plugin, just like many others, comes with some pros and some cons. It’s known as an easy plugin to use and it provides a large number of Google fonts. However, you cannot upload any custom fonts or preview the fonts. However, this is one of the best free choices out there and one of the simplest plugins to use and great for new WordPress users.

Use Any Font

This plugin is very easy to use, as well. With an API Key, you can easily get all the options of the plugin to work pretty quickly. Use Any Font will allow you to upload custom fonts and will allow you to assign fonts to headers, blockquotes and paragraphs. However, it does have a strange looking interface and the settings and instructions are on the bottom instead of the top of the screen.

With a donation to the developer of $10 or more, you will gain full access to this plugin. This will give you unlimited font conversion and activations for your lifetime. However, there’s a free version you can use for a single activation and conversion, as well.

Typekit Font for WordPress

Maybe not the best choice for new WordPress users, but a great choice either way, this plugin provides the benefit of adding custom CSS rules. However, you will have to sign up for a Typekit account and you won’t be able to add or manage your custom fonts from inside the plugin. If you’re already a Typefit user, this is a good choice, however.


This plugin calls itself the one-stop plugin for your font needs. However, it’s not the best on the market. It doesn’t currently work with WordPress 4.0, but hopefully, this will be fixed soon. The plugin pulls fonts form Font Squirrel, Google, Fontdeck and Typekit.

Easy Google Fonts

Another very good plugin for fonts is the Easy Google Fonts plugin. This plugin allows you to preview custom fonts and provides a ton of customization. However, it has a bit of a confusing settings page. Once you get used to using it, this can be a very powerful plugin for your fonts.

There’s a ton of control given with this plugin to help you integrate fonts into your website. You can choose different fonts, decoration, weighting and transformation. Add colors, sizes and many other custom options, as well.


This simple plugin provides many good fonts you can use for your personal or business website. Many are fancy and give you quite a bit to work with. The front-end font editing isn’t the best and it’s not the smoothest, however.

Any of these custom font plugins for WordPress will provide you with something new to work with on your website. There are plenty of great choices to get the fonts you want. Give one of these a try and you’re sure to find just what you need from your custom font plugin.