There are dozens of form plugins out there for WP Bakery and nearly every other variation of WordPress theme, but all of them have some common features. Most are user-friendly and easy to learn and use. Some have basic features, and some have more advanced ones. To find the best plugin for WordPress forms you will need to determine exactly what you want to do with those forms.

For instance, in WPBakery, you may want to have features on your contact form that answer common questions or allow users to share the details of special orders or things they may want to know if you can create. Or you may want to keep your contact forms very simple. Here are the top five contact form plugins for WP Bakery Builder in 2018.


The word of the day for these forms is simple. The drag and drop format makes it easy for almost any user to build almost any kind of form. The lite form builder is available for free, but if you want to build more complex forms you will need to pay for the Pro version.

The only downside to this form builder? Because the word of the day is simple, the drag and drop functionality does not offer some of the more powerful features in more advanced form builders. Still, this one ranks number one for WP Bakery because it will serve your needs for most of the contact forms you need to build.

Gravity Forms

The only downside to this incredibly powerful form builder is that there is no free version. However, aside from that this is one of the most advanced form builder plugins available. From surveys, user created content, and more this form builder can help you do almost anything.

For those special orders, this is one of the most customizable form builders out there, and can help you create something truly unique. While the price may drive some away, if you are creating multiple forms across multiple sites, it should not be prohibitive for you.

Pirate Forms

This form builder ranks number three on our list for a number of reasons, the chief among them being that it is one of the simplest contact form builders out there. The problem is that is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. If you are looking for a simple form, this is the plugin for you, and a paid version adds some additional but limited functionality.

However, if you want to create subscription forms or integrate payment options and shopping carts into your forms, this is not the software for you. If the lack of add-ons is a problem for you, move on to another form builder.

Ninja Forms

This one is complicated in a way, and like a ninja the cost can sneak up on you. Why? The base version, a very good form builder, is free. You can download and install it on any number of sites for no charge. Here is the kicker, and the only con to this great form builder.

The add on plugins for Ninja Forms are not free, and if you need three or more of these or even the full developer pack designed more for those who are creating and controlling multiple sites, it is just as expensive as Gravity Forms.

So is the number four on our list right for your WPBakery Builder site? Well, that depends on you. Can you manage with the simpler forms and the free version, or will you need extensions? If you do need the full package, you will have to compare Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms to see which one works best for you, but our vote would be at the premium end, Gravity will offer you more bang for your buck.

Formidable Pro

This is one of our favorite newcomers to the form building plugins. Why? It is powerful and offers a full suite of plugins. Those are still somewhat limited, but their numbers are growing, and Formidable promises to give Gravity Forms a run for their money. The platform is easy to use and friendly for almost anyone.

Especially if you are looking for a single site license and you need customizable forms for special orders and other specific needs, this is the form builder for you.

There are literally hundreds of apps and plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. When it comes to form builders, these are the ones that stand out as the top five in 2018. Choose the one that is right for you, and you will be on your way to a better site that is more valuable to you and your customers.