YouTube allows its users to view and watch videos on their website. Many people want to save their favorite videos to their computers to watch them later without even being connected to the internet.

YouTube is designed to allow users to watch videos online. It does not allow users to download videos directly from this website. If you want to save or download any video direct from YouTube, then you will need a YouTube downloader or another site to save videos to your computer or any other device.

So if you want to save your favorite videos directly from YouTube, then below are some options for saving and watching YouTube videos on your laptop for free.

1. MP3Studio

MP3Studio is an easy and effective YouTube downloader. It allows users to listen to all the songs they want from YouTube online and download them to any device. This tool will enable you to download all the content you want to keep save to your computer. It does not require you to have any technical skills for downloading.

MP3Studio video downloader lets you download any video by just copying and pasting its link.  It also has a wide range of different settings giving you the option to save your downloaded content on your flash drive or any other device.

2. 4K Video Downloader

 To download or save video from YouTube to your PC, start by downloading and installing a 4K video downloader. This tool offers you to download videos completely free. One can save or download the whole playlist and watch it later without even connected to the internet. This versatile software allows its user to even download 3D- videos without paying a single penny. Its downloading procedure is way too easy and simple after clicking on the download option, check the box marked ‘Launch and Finish.’ Now you can watch and share your downloaded video with anyone at any time.

3. NetVideoHunter

This Firefox browser also works with many video sites, including YouTube and Facebook. Once you install it to your PC, you notice a button is added to your toolbar.

To use it, head towards a site from where you want to download a video. You’ll see the NetVideoHunter button will flash, altering you the video can be downloaded. Click that button, next click Download to save the video you want.

4. YouTube by Click

This software captures videos of more than 35 sites. Before downloading your first video, you can change its setting to get a preferred download format (MP3 audio or MP4 video) and can adjust the video quality. This software allows users to download a 580MB MKV file in 4k only in few seconds.

You can even enter your account credentials for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and many other sites to get an instant private download.

5. Gihosoft TubeGet

This software’s free version has limits. Gihosoft TubeGet is no one-click downloader, and also it does not support all 10, 000 sites. This allows you to download five videos in a day, and one can download at 1Mbps speed no matter how much fast speed connection you have. But you can remove all these restrictions if you pay. However, you can download 4k videos from YouTube without any problem.