Whether you have a business or just want to grow your social media following, everyone can make improvements in how they manage their Instagram account. A well-managed account not only promotes more streamlined activities, it also gives you lots of information about your users so you can better promote yourself and increase your following. Follow our 7 simple tips to better manage your Instagram and you’ll have a huge following in no time.

Switch It Up

Knowledge is power, this can be applied to literally everything, the more you know, they better you can understand the situation and the better you can perform. Change your Instagram account from a personal account to either a creator or a business profile, this way you can access the data related to your feed. These types of accounts show you were your posts are reaching, what type of audience are engaging with feed and what your most popular posting times are. All this is worth knowing if you are looking to expand your business and brand as you can strategies around it.

Make Yourself Searchable

One of Instagram’s best features is that you can make yourself ridiculously searchable and as a result, findable. Don’t just write your caption on your posts and max out the hashtags, use the geotag feature so users who are in this area can see your post. Tag the brands you are wearing and tag the people you are with and feeds that promote the activity you are doing, whether it is shopping, running or climbing. The more information you can get in your photo the better managed your content is.

Keep Your Content Similar

Everyone loves a matching aesthetic, be it grey scale, white background or anything else that draws the feed together, matching content is the one. This is easily done but before you sit down and start posting, think about what type of aesthetic you are going for. Have a look at feeds that are similar to yours and see how they carry their branding through the way they upload their content. Having a consistent feed appeals to users and it is simple to do!

Quality will Always Win

If you have high quality content, this will always win out over lower grainer images. You want to post as higher quality photos as possible and do this consistently. When you take photos for your feed, make sure that you store them up so that on days you don’t have anything new to post, you can still post a high quality throw back that fits into your theme rather than a rushed piece of work. Again, this is all part of remaining consistent.

Engage with Others

Whether your account is for business or personal use, engage with other people that have similar feeds or interests. Make the engagement meaningful and try and open a dialogue with other users. This engagement with other people can help towards growing and managing your account, people can see what it is you’re about and will want to engage with you.

Growth Services and Automation

Growth services and automation can help you simplify the management of your account even when you are expanding at rapid rates. Organic growth services will engage with other users on your behalf without you having to lift a finger, all you have to do is configure the service and away it goes. The level of automation can be however much you want it to be too, you can set up bots that will reply to comments, comment on other photos and even direct message users. If you are managing an ever expanding Instagram feed, then a growth service can help you stream line actions to make your life far easier!


If you are busy scheduling is an amazing way to manage your Instagram account. Some of us not only work full time but try and manage an online presence on top of this along with everything else can be a little bit much. If you schedule your Instagram posts, you will be posting at the right time that your audience has come to expect. This way you are also guaranteed that you will meet the golden hour of your audience and leverage the peak engagement time without having to do anything but upload your content into a scheduler.

Final thoughts

Managing your Instagram feed doesn’t have to be tough or stressful, most of it now can be scheduled and automated to make sure that it fits around your life whilst still growing. As long as you follow the basic unwritten rules, such as a consistent message, theme and aesthetic, everything else will fall into place. It will always be worth switching your account to a business or a creator package to make sure that you can access the inhouse tools and analytics that can help you understand your reach, target market and audience and that can be reflected  in how you post moving forward. Instagram is all about what you know and how you use the information to make your life easier and more streamlined.