35 Splendid Great Windows 8 Wallpapers for Desktop

Windows 8 is the next version of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows 8 is in its development stage and release is not going to be soon. It has many changes and generated a lot of excitement. The official dates of release this windows 8 is not confirmed yet but we have Wallpapers of Windows 8. Some of them are very abstract you will like that. All these wallpapers are in high-resolution supporting wide screens.

Download free HD Windows 8 Wallpapers. You can also download all high quality wallpapers under different categories in wide range of resolutions. To download windows 8 wallpapers, just click on picture to view its larger image for better view. Though all these wallpapers are free to download and created by Windows lovers, I’ve collected best looking wallpapers from around the web. Hopefully you will enjoy.

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1. Black and White Windows 8 Wallpaper

Black and White Windows 8 Wallpaper

2. Windows 8 Wind Wallpaper

Windows 8 Wind Wallpaper

3. Windows 8 Grass Wallpaper

Windows 8 Grass Wallpaper

4. Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8

5. Windows 8 Wallpaper by Aionxhundred

Windows 8 Wallpaper by Aionxhundred

6. Windows 8 Blue by rehsup

Windows 8 Blue by rehsup

7. Wallpaper for Windows 8

Wallpaper for Windows 8

8. Windows 8 Aquatic

Windows 8 Aquatic

9. Cool Windows 8 Wallpaper

Cool Windows 8 Wallpaper

10. Windows 8 Wallpaper Inspired

Windows 8 Wallpaper Inspired

11. Glowing Butterfly Wallpaper

Glowing Butterfly Wallpaper

12. Heart Music Wallpaper

Heart Music Wallpaper

13. Windows 8 Global

Windows 8 Global

14. Windows 8 X Wallpaper R2

Windows 8 X Wallpaper R2

15. Windows 8 Wallpaper

Windows 8 Wallpaper

16. Entropy – Desktop Background Wallpaper

Entropy - Desktop Background Wallpaper

17. Windows 8 Orb Light Wallpaper

Windows 8 Orb Light Wallpaper

18. Windows 8 Neon Wallpaper

Windows 8 Neon Wallpaper

19. Windows 8 Offcial Wallpaper

Windows 8 Offcial Wallpaper

20. Windows 8 Colorful Wallpaper

Windows 8 Colorful Wallpaper

21. Empty Beach Summer Wallpaper

Empty Beach Summer Wallpaper

22. Beautiful Red Flower Wallpaper

Beautiful Red Flower Wallpaper

23. Windows 8 Simple Background

Windows 8 Simple Background

24. Windows 8 Logo Background

Windows 8 Logo Background

25. Purple Windows 8 Wallpaper

Purple Windows 8 Wallpaper

26. 3D Goggle Girl Wallpaper

3D Goggle Girl Wallpaper

27. Swan Queen Wallpaper

Swan Queen Wallpaper

28. Love You Wallpaper for Lovers

Love You Wallpaper for Lovers

29. Mirror Roorm Wallpaper

Mirror Roorm Wallpaper

30. Peaceful Landscape Wallpaper for Desktop

Peaceful Landscape Wallpaper for Desktop

31. View from the Island Wallpaper

View from the Island Wallpaper

32. Savannah Wallpapers for Windows 8

Savannah Wallpapers for Windows 8

33. Heart Touching Mountain Wallpaper

Heart Touching Mountain Wallpaper

34. Windows 8 Ocean Wallpaper

Windows 8 Ocean Wallpaper

35. Hazel Background for Windows 8

Hazel Background Windows 8

I hope you loved these Windows 8 wallpapers and you download some for your PC. I’d appreciate if you share this post with your friends and family. If you have any wallpapers collection, please share with us.

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