Top 10 Useful Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 has many interesting new features, but the most important has to be the Store. Windows 8 is all about the apps, so it’s important to find the best ones for your unique needs. Since you have access to a full Windows desktop you don’t need just another way to look at photos or surf the Web you need a way to do those things better.

Here, in today’s post I have collected cool apps for Windows 8. Most of these apps will work fine for desktop users, but as with most aspects of Windows 8, these provide a better experience using a touch screen. so if you’d like to save time and jump straight to the Store highlights then read on for our guide to the best Windows 8 apps currently available.

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1. SkyDrive

With the SkyDrive app, you can also upload or open files on SkyDrive from other Windows Store apps on your PC.


2. Mail

With the Mail and Calendar apps, all your calendars and email come together.


3. Watch TV, movies and video

Download or stream your favorite movies and TV shows, then either watch them right there, or stream them from your PC to your TV.

Watch TV, movies and video

4. Skype

See the joy on your parents’ faces as they watch their granddaughter take her first steps.


5. Photos

Make your photos look their best with photo editing apps from the Windows Store or with Photo Gallery.


6. Music

With Windows 8 and Windows RT, you can play your current collection, choose from millions of streaming songs and albums, or add to your music library all with the Music app.


7. Games

Find and install a variety of games from the Windows Store, get more games with the Xbox Games app, or install an old favorite on your PC.


8. Fhotoroom

Fhotoroom brings +76 powerful image editing, photo styles, light leaks, and frames in one easy to use package.


9. YouTube MP3 & Videos

Download YouTube videos with this app and save them right to your Videos folder right away! Its that easy.

YouTube MP3 & Videos

10. Mine for Facebook

MINE for Facebook is a Facebook client created with one mission in mind: to show you your Facebook feed, the way you want to see it.

Mine for Facebook

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