A List of 20 Unusual Business Card Ideas

Business card of today have proven that it can be another important piece to improve a portfolio, whether it’s created for your own or for a client. An impressive and unusual business card will let you stand out from the rest of your competitors. So, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to show your best qualities here, because your business card is much more than just your contact information. Another easy way to design the unusual business cards from 48 hour print services which can help you to get huge boost for your marketing campaign.

Unique business cards usually give a positive vibes and tend to leave a long term impression on the clients that are given the business cards. I’m going to share with you some of best Unusual Business Cards design which can really impress your prospective clients. We always try to collect useful designs for our readers as like red business cards and green business cards. Check out our today’s unique business cards collection and leave a link if you found any other example worth mentioning.

1. Business Card for Francesco Ferrigno

Business Card for Francesco Ferrigno

2. Hitman’s Business Card

Hitman's Business Card

3. Unusual and Interactive Business Cards

Unusual and Interactive Business Cards

4. Debbie Bray – Business Card

Debbie Bray - Business Card

5. Mirella Concept Store

Mirella Concept Store

6. Pome – Business Card

Pome - Business Card

7. Business Cards with Unusual Form

Business Cards with Unusual Form

8. Metal Business Card Concept

Metal Business Card Concept

9. Business Card – Need a Specialist or Freelancer

Business Card - Need a Specialist or Freelancer

10. Kaman Business Card

Kaman Business Card

11. Osmium Business Card

Osmium Business Card

12. Cuthbertson Lawyer Business Card

Cuthbertson Lawyer Business Card

13. Business Card and Identity

Business Card and Identity

14. Isis Beauty Business Card

Isis Beauty Business Card

15. Thomas Wood Products

Thomas Wood Products

16. Business Card in Unusual Way

Business Card in Unusual Way

17. MackLab


18. CHART Branding

CHART Branding

19. Mors Business Cards

Mors Business Cards

20. Black Corporate Business Card

Black Corporate Business Card

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