25+ Awesome Typography Wallpapers for Desktop

Typography is said to be the backbone of web design, but it’s also considered art all by itself. It is always amazing to see how different typefaces influence the overall design and its feel. For that reason, typography is considered as the backbone of any design. It has made earth a more colorful place to live in. It makes words go beyond their usual meaning. It gives us a more visual perspective to what we read.

Nowadays typography plays one of the most important roles of effective and beautiful web and graphic design, but typography can also be an art form. It can make or break the whole design. Effective use of typography makes the design visually appealing and unique. In this article there are 27 best typography based wallpapers that will inspire you. I hope they’ll serve you both as a vast source of inspiration and a nice decoration on your desktop as well.

1. Every Artist Was 1st an Amateur

Every Artist Was 1st an Amateur

2. Typography Design

Typography Design

3. Typography Pretty Wallpaper

Typography Pretty Wallpaper

4. White on Black

White on Black



6. Typographic World Map

Typographic World Map

7. Black and White Wallpaper

Black and White Wallpaper

8. Technology Faceoff

Technology Faceoff

9. Child’s Birthday Party

Child's Birthday Party

10. Using Too Many Fonts

Using Too Many Fonts

11. Be Human Typography

Be Human Typography

12. Curious Cat

Curious Cat

13. blah blah blah in black

blah blah blah in black

14. Iceberg


15. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

16. My Typography

My Typography

17. Blood Has Been Shed

Blood Has Been Shed

18. Typography is Sexy

Typography is Sexy

19. Wallpaper: Neue Helvetica

Wallpaper: Neue Helvetica

20. Love


21. 115 Words of LIFE

115 Words of LIFE

22. Celebration


23. Truth


24. Live Love Life

Live Love Life

25. Appel 3D Design

Appel 3D Design

26. Colors Typography Wallpaper

Colors Typography Wallpaper

27. I did It for Love Wallpaper

I did It for Love Wallpaper

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