27 Seasonal Christmas Wallpapers for 2012

New Year is coming and every one is ready to celebrate Happy Christmas. It’s Christmas once again! It’s time for Santa’s gifts, for mistletoe kisses and for togetherness. We face our desktops everyday, especially bloggers, designers and developers. So, I think it is the time for me to share some beautiful, cool, Christmas spirited wallpapers so that you can dress up your desktop. In this post, we have some of the best and most beautiful Christmas wallpapers for your desktop. I hope you can enjoy looking at these wallpapers and don’t forget to subscribe to our feed. Here are more wallpaper posts we’ve previously published: eagle wallpapers, typography wallpapers and summer wallpapers.

1. Super Christmas Decorations

Super Christmas Decorations

2. Arctic Christmas – Wallpaper

Arctic Christmas - Wallpaper

3. Snowmen with Presents Wallpaper

Snowmen with Presents Wallpaper

4. Christmas Elfs Gifts

Christmas Elfs Gifts

5. Santa Wallpaper

Santa Wallpaper

6. Christmas Ornaments Wallpaper

Christmas Ornaments Wallpaper

7. Sexy Christmas Girl Wallpaper

Sexy Christmas Girl Wallpaper

8. Christmas Decorations and Gift

Christmas Decorations and Gift

9. Messy Christmas

Messy Christmas

10. Gingerbread Cookies Wallpaper

Gingerbread Cookies Wallpaper

11. Christmas in December

Christmas in December

12. Cool Christmas Wallpaper

Cool Christmas Wallpaper

13. Merry Christmas Wallpaper

Merry Christmas Wallpaper

14. Miss Winter Wallpaper

Miss Winter Wallpaper

15. Child at Christmas Tree

Child at Christmas Tree

16. Christmas Night – Wallpaper

Christmas Night - Wallpaper

17. Wallpaper – Christmas Time Rarity

Wallpaper - Christmas Time Rarity

18. A Magic Christmas

A Magic Christmas

19. Beautiful Christmas Wallpaper

Beautiful Christmas Wallpaper

20. Awesome Christmas Background

Awesome Christmas Background

21. Desktop Snowman Christmas Picture

Desktop Snowman Christmas Picture

22. Wonderful Christmas Wallpapers

Wonderful Christmas Wallpapers

23. Fantastic Christmas Background

Fantastic Christmas Background

24. Christmas Desktop Wallpaper

Christmas Desktop Wallpaper

25. Cute Puppy with Present Wallpaper

Cute Puppy with Present Wallpaper

26. Christmas Holidays Red

Christmas Holidays Red

27. Red and Golden Ornaments Wallpaper

Red and Golden Ornaments Wallpaper

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