12 Excellent jQuery Carousel Plugins

jQuery is a popular library of JavaScript because of  its rich-features, web developers are capable to extend the  basic JavaScript library capabilities to build useful image gallery frameworks called plugins. In web design a jQuery carousel is an element giving visitors easy and visible access to several content items.

Using sliding horizontal panels, known as Carousels and jQuery Sliders, to feature top content, is one of the strongest web design trends over the last couple of years. There are a lot of good scripts and plugins available, and in this article we’ll highlight 12 of them. Some of them are available for free download, but some of them are premium and must be purchased.

This article has been created specifically to help you get started using jQuery Carousels, but you may also jQuery Slider plugins. I am sure, this list of jquery carousels definitely helpful to get started. Related articles you will definitely find worth checking out: Amazing jQuery Slider Tutorials, Free WordPress MP4 Plugins and Unusual Business Cards Designs.

1. LayerSlider


2. 3D Carousel

3D Carousel

3. Cloud Carousel

Cloud Carousel

4. jQuery Timeline Slider

jQuery Timeline Slider

5. Estro


6. Roundabout


7. iCarousel


8. Showbiz Business

Showbiz Business

9. AnythingSlider


10. jQuery Liquid Carousel Plugin

jQuery Liquid Carousel Plugin

11. Full Page Image Gallery

Full Page Image Gallery

12. Factory Galleries

Factory Galleries