Creative Infographic PSD Templates

Infograpics have become so popular these days and as a result more and more high quality infographic design kits are made available to help designers. so we have something special for all those designers and companies who still getting inspiration of infographic design. Here I have collected very useful inforaghics PSD templates for your next project. Hope you will like them.

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1. Magnolia – Infographic PSD Template

Magnolia Free is a package of elements used to create infographics.

Magnolia – Infographic PSD Template

2. Free Infographic PSD Template

This infographic PSD template is clean and simple, just like data and statistics are clear and simple.

Free Infographic PSD Template

3. Infographic and Charts Set

Infographic and Charts Set

4. Infographic Template and Charts v5

Make you very own Infographics from a variety of charts and graphs.

Infographic Template and Charts v5

5. Infographic Template and Charts V6

You can make your own Infographics from a variety of charts and graphs as like Bar charts, pie graphs, quick stats, and more!.

Infographic Template and Charts V6

6. Infographic PSD Template v4

Infographic PSD Template v4

7. Colorful Vector Infographic Chart Buttons Labels

Useful and colorful vector infographics – pie charts, topographic charts, maps and more – Eps format.

Colorful Vector Infographic Chart Buttons Labels

8. Infographics Charts & Comparisons Vector Set

Bright and colorful vector infographics – charts and multiple comparison methods.

Infographics Charts & Comparisons Vector Set

9. Advanced Infographic Charts and Templates

Advanced Infographic Charts and Templates

10. VideoHive Interface Infographic Elements

VideoHive Interface Infographic Elements

11. Infographic Elements + Template

All the Graphs, Charts, Lines, Shapes, Text you will need to put together your very own Infographic.

Infographic Elements + Template

12. Go Green – Infographic Elements

This PSD file Includes dozens of professional graphic elements, great for any design you need.

Go Green - Infographic Elements

13. Infographic Elements Template Pack

This is a huge template pack of infographic elements: charts, graphics, shapes, icons etc..

Infographic Elements Template Pack

14. Earth Illustrated, 3D World and Infographics

Earth Illustrated, 3D World and Infographics

15. Infographic Elements

All info-graphic elements are ready to be used and are suitable for high resolution.

Infographic Elements

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.