30 Extraordinary Foggy Photography Examples

Fog is a collection of water droplets suspended in the air near the earth’s surface. Fog and mist are distinguished only by their density, as expressed in the resulting decrease in visibility. When the world around is covered with white fog it becomes very easy to see fairy shapes in ordinary places. But you know everything is having something to be read for us, and so is the Fog that is there in the morning when you go out of your window.

I would love you to have a look at the showcase of foggy Photography that below I’ve compiled 30 very inspiring and beautiful photographs depicting foggy scenery. Some of the most magical times of the day are early mornings; they are a great time for capturing wonderful fog pictures. I hope you will enjoy this collection of misty photographs.

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1. Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

2. Lime Tree in Fog

Lime Tree in Fog

3. Child Of The Mist

Child Of The Mist

4. Foggy Sunrise

Foggy Sunrise

5. The Mist of Mallow Valley

The Mist of Mallow Valley

6. Foggy Friday

Foggy Friday

7. Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere



9. Amazing Foggy Photography

Amazing Foggy Photography

10. City of Fog

City of Fog

11. Foggy Dirt Road

Foggy Dirt Road

12. Foggy Waterfront 13

Foggy Waterfront 13

13. Awesome Foggy Morning

Awesome Foggy Morning

14. Cool Foggy Photography

Cool Foggy Photography

15. Curtains in the Fog

Curtains in the Fog

16. By Maciej Duczynski

By Maciej Duczynski

17. Passing by Dracula’s Castle on the Way to the Graveyard

Passing by Dracula's Castle on the Way to the Graveyard

18. Elegant Foggy Picture

Elegant Foggy Picture

19. Photographer: Mikhail Tkachev

Photographer: Mikhail Tkachev

20. Foggy Day in Brussels

Foggy Day in Brussels

21. Foggy Beach

Foggy Beach

22. Silent Hill

Silent Hill

23. The First Scene

The First Scene

24. Winter Contrasts

Winter Contrasts

25. Flying Into the Fog

Flying Into the Fog

26. The Swamp

The Swamp

27. Foggy Autumn Day

Foggy Autumn Day

28. Foggy day on Okeford Hill

Foggy day on Okeford Hill

29. Good Morning from Socked in Grey Foggy

Good Morning from Socked in Grey Foggy

30. Foggy Night in Istanbul

Foggy Night in Istanbul

If you like this charming and mystical foggy photography then you will definitely appreciate other inspirational photography from our blog. And if you are an advanced foggy photographer then we’ll be glad to see links to your artworks at the comment field below.