Enjoy Two Depositphotos Promos this Months!

Promos or special programs have been regularly given by Depositphotos to satisfy their customers. We often get promos on holidays like: Easter, Christmas, 4th of July; and on special occasions such as: season beginning, valentine, and so on. Besides that, promos can also be given without any special reason. The only reason for that is to give more convenient service for their members.

In this period of time, end of June and the beginning of July, Depositphotos has given also two promos at the same time: Occupations Special Lightbox and July 4th Special Lightbox.

Occupations Lightbox

Uniquely, this promo comes with inspirational quote from the famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” and followed by another “inspirational” quote by Depositphotos said “Choose an image from our occupations lightbox and you will save 20% now”.

There are 499 stock images that you can find in this special lightbox. Just like it was hinted previously on the “homemade” quote, here you will get 20% discount for occupations themed stock images. Below are some of the image samples that you can get in this lightbox.

Asian female cooking with magic From Depositphotos.com

Most of the collections are premium stock photography with small portion of stock vectors. The occupations which are covered are also varied, starting from businessman to gardener. With the quality of these images and the discount you get, you are not going to be disappointed.

July 4th (Independence Day) Lightbox

Hooray for the red, white and blue! We are in the end of June, so it means that the Fourth of July is in front of us (Americans). In this Independence Day celebration, Depositphotos has also prepared a special lightbox filled with a bunch of American themed stock images for welcoming the historical day of America.

In this lightbox, you can find 373 high quality photos and best vector images with American Independence Day theme. The common symbols of the Fourth of July such as American Flag, Liberty Statue, Uncle Sam, and fireworks can also be viewed as the main theme of the images. Besides that you can also see some background and greeting card template which can be used instantly to spread the joy of the Independence Day. Below are the examples of the available images.

Independence Day card. July 4 From Depositphotos.com

Just like the Occupations Lightbox, this lightbox also have all item discounted for 20% of the normal price. So, with this lightbox and the previous one, isn’t it great to get them at the same time? Seems like that Depositphotos banner is not lying. You can surely save some green in Depositphotos July 4th Lightbox. Enjoy shopping!