Dell Laptops: Class And Functionality Rolled Into One

Michael Dell had a dream. After graduating from the University of Texas, he started a small company called ‘Dell’. Michael believed that he could sell computers for less by selling directly to consumers, and he built his company on that idea. He founded the company in January of 1984, and started running it out of his condo. Nearly 30 years later, Dell is now one of the biggest computer manufacturers in the world, with millions of people using Dell computers everyday.

Dell laptops are generally considered to be amongst some of the best laptops available today, with sleek chassis and intricate grilles and well balanced specifications that are built to last. The said compact computers are a fine choice for anyone looking to purchase a laptop.
This article will give 4 reasons why they are a cut above the rest.

Superior Design

The laptops that are manufactured by Dell are designed by some of the best laptop designers in the world. Their laptops are beautiful, yet functional and reliable.
Unlike other manufacturers, Dell also produce a wide variety of laptops with different cases and specifications. Instead of focusing on a single niche like ultraportable laptops or desktop replacement laptops, Dell produces nearly every type of laptop you could imagine.

This mean that, when buying the said laptop, you can choose from Dell’s range to find the one that best fits your needs. If spend a lot of time on the go, you can pick up a Dell ultraportable laptop that is lightweight and has long battery life. If you use your laptop mainly at your desk, you can choose from Dell’s huge range of desktop replacements. If you need touchscreen functionality, you can grab one of their many laptops fitted with touchscreens.

And if you can’t find a Dell laptop that meets your exact needs, all you have to do is give Dell a call. They’ll be happy to put together a laptop that meets your specific needs.

Excellent Support

Dell has some of the best support available of any computer manufacturer. At home servicing, extended warranties, and 24/7 support help lines are readily available for every Dell laptop, and spare parts are easy to source and easily fitted by laptop technicians anywhere in the world.

Great Value

Dell laptops, due to economies of scale, are very affordable, especially compared to laptops from boutique manufacturers who generally charge significantly more for similarly specced machines.

Dell’s designers also focus on the specs that matter. Instead of adding faster components for the sole purpose of padding a spec sheet, Dell’s designers pick components that fit well together. This means that Dell laptops are well balanced in terms of specifications, and generally better value for money than laptops from other companies.

Wide Range of Extras Available

Dell produce a wide range of extras for every laptop in their range.
Extra charging kits, spare batteries, docking stations, hard case, soft cases, covers, and more are available for nearly every laptop in Dell’s range.

These extras give you the ability to personalize your Dell laptop to meet your individual needs. Running out of juice often? Buy an extra battery. Using your laptop a lot at the office? Buy a docking station to make it easier to connect to monitors and keyboards. The choice is yours.

Summing Up

Dell has built itself a reputation for quality over the years, and its very well deserved. Their laptops are amongst some of the best available, and a fine choice for every computer user. Make sure to consider a Dell unit when shopping for your next laptop.