20 Cool Nail Designs You Can Try Any Day

Beautiful and attractive nail designs 2012, which are tremendously cool and trendy this season, are getting key element for fashion and style around the world. There are hundreds of creative design artists who have put up pictures of their art on the internet. So I have collected these cool nail art design pictures for your inspiration.

The designs vary from cheerful to party and everything in between so there is something for everyone. These are just some of the designs included: Angry Birds, Pikachu, Polka Dot, Candy Cane. Check out great nail designs 2012 pictures and find new ideas for you.

1. Gnomes – Nail Art Design

Gnomes - Nail Art Design

2. Easy Spider Nail Design

Easy Spider Nail Design

3. THE AVENGERS Captain America

THE AVENGERS Captain America

4. Simple and Easy Nail Art Design

Simple and Easy Nail Art Design

5. Electricity Inspired Nail Art

Electricity Inspired Nail Art

6. Konad Nail Design – Pink Swirls

Konad Nail Design - Pink Swirls

7. Cool Ladybug Nail Art Trend

Cool Ladybug Nail Art Trend

8. Hearts Nail Design Fashion

Hearts Nail Design Fashion

9. Nail Designs Norwich Ct

Nail Designs Norwich Ct

10. Gold Nail Art Design with Rose

Gold Nail Art Design with Rose

11. House On A Hill Nail Art

House On A Hill Nail Art

12. Blue Nails with Pretty Design

Blue Nails with Pretty Design

13. Paint Splattered Nails

Paint Splattered Nails

14. Black and White Marble Nail Art

Black and White Marble Nail Art

15. Web Browser Nail Designs

Web Browser Nail Designs

16. Brown Snowflake Nails

Brown Snowflake Nails

17. Silver Glitz Nail Design

Silver Glitz Nail Design

18. Rainbow Nail Art

Rainbow Nail Art

19. Emerald Nails Design Trend

Emerald Nails Design Trend

20. Disneyland Nails Design

Disneyland Nails Design

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.