30 Eye Catching Examples of Black Wallpapers for Desktop

In this category there are many high quality pictures and images with a lot of black color in them. Black wallpapers are very much in demand and believe it or not, black color is the most popular one and searched for on the Internet. There are many variations available, types and basically thousands of wallpapers available for download.

You can find lot of creative, dark images here, night shots, black and white pictures, black birds, moon shots, fireworks, trees and a little bit of everything if the image has enough black color tones in it. Black wallpapers look very nice on a computer desktop background and I believe that’s why lots of people are looking for them and downloading them.

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1. Beautiful Black Flower Wallpaper

Beautiful Black Flower Wallpaper

2. Black Lexus IS 250

Black Lexus IS 250

3. Vanished Flame

Vanished Flame

4. Anti Explosives

Anti Explosives

5. Dancing in Heaven

Dancing in Heaven

6. Windows 7 Wallpapers

Windows 7 Wallpapers

7.  Black Emotion – Wallpaper Pack

Black Emotion - Wallpaper Pack

8. Love Red – Ambivalence Black

Love Red - Ambivalence Black

9. Jack Alones

Jack Alones

10. Altair – Black

Altair - Black

11. Into The Black I

Into The Black I

12. Venegence From Within

Venegence From Within

13. In Memorium

In Memorium

14. Luna Black

Luna Black

15. Black Love Wallpaper

Black Love Wallpaper

16. Princess Black

Princess Black

17. Apple Wallpaper Black

Apple Wallpaper Black

18. Fresia Wallpaper

Fresia Wallpaper

19. Above the Sea Wallpaper

Above the Sea Wallpaper

20. Bay Bridge wallpaper

Bay Bridge wallpaper

21. Brown Sugar Crystals Wallpaper

Brown Sugar Crystals Wallpaper

22. Prowler 3 by Messiah1

Prowler 3 by Messiah1

23. Guitar Splash

Guitar Splash

24. Planet


25. Like Red

Like Red

26. Eye Black Wallpaper

Eye Black Wallpaper

27. Guitar Black Wallpaper

Guitar Black Wallpaper

28. Fireworks Wallpaper

Fireworks Wallpaper

29. The Bird and the Moon Wallpaper

The Bird and the Moon Wallpaper

30. Cool Lover Black Wallpaper

Cool Lover Black Wallpaper

Black as a background is great for giving specific elements full focus and this is also why black is so popular in web design; portfolios, web sites. I hope you will like these awesome wallpapers showcase. Feel free to share your comments with us.