30 Superb Examples of Black Website Design for Your Inspiration

Basically black is very popular color in web designing and it has a creative looking when it comes to color palette for a website. It is often the color used to describe evil ideas or anything along this line. It symbolizes death or mourning, ignorance, betrayal, bad luck and etc. Mostly it can be used by only in Personal Portfolios, Jewellery and Photography Web Sites.

This inspirational website list contains are from different domains and business, use different content management platforms like WordPress or Joomla, some are pure HTML, others are made in flash.

In this article, you will see how a creative web artist used black to make a stunning website design. These beautiful black website design collection comes from different niches and are simply impressive with way they used the color on their pages. Enjoy the great websites presented here.

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20. Njosnavelin


21. Wacom Pen Collective

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23. Something Interesting

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26. Envizion Media

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27. MediaFlex – Video Production Melbourne

MediaFlex – Video Production Melbourne

28. XP CodecPack

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29. kineda.com


30. Cobra Creative

Cobra Creative

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