25 Tightly-Focused CSS Galleries for Web Designers

CSS galleries are getting more useful to the web designers as it provides them great and awesome ideas in developing new and creative web design concepts. These 25 tightly focused CSS galleries are worth drawing new inspirations from for the web designers who have an eye for varieties of CSS themes that will suit their website niche.

1. One Page Love

This showcases great selections of one page website designs where web designers can get ideas on how to build smart website with a single page. It is easy to browse by category to find a theme that will best suit your website design concept for inspiration.

2. Pixel Perfect Portfolio

This provides great CSS galleries for the Flash portfolio sites. Using flash on your website gives the owner better creativity and control on the pixels which is quite harder to manage using HTML websites. The galleries provided are fascinating which are focused on quality without the irritating automatic music blaring. The websites selected in the gallery are highly functional and without browser window takeovers.

3. CartFrenzy

This website gallery provides varieties of CSS designed shopping and e-Commerce sites. It specifically collects a gallery of excellent websites that are mainly for eCommerce purpose where you can draw inspiring designs for your clients or for your own website.

4. Platform Symphony

This site offers a wide range of website samples to create an inspiring gallery of web design for backend platforms. It provides an open source that can support different platforms like Drupal, Locomotive, WordPress, Fork CMS and Movable Type. It is easier to contribute your own website design on CSS by submitting your own through its website submission form.

5. Media Queries

This provides an extension for media dependent style sheets that are intended for various types of media like print and screen for CSS2. It is W3C candidate recommended which is ready for implementation by the browser vendors. The gallery of sites is optimized for tablets, Smartphones, desktop and netbook of different resolutions.

6. EduStyle

This is a website gallery that is created by web design professionals for higher education websites. The gallery of websites for higher education is collected to inspire other web designers with over 6000 sites that are featured where you can get inspiring CSS web designs of the education niche. The site has 4000 users who derive inspiring concepts for their website designs using CSS.

7. Design Bombs

The website showcases a gallery of numerous CSS websites coming from open sources. You will find the site as very useful in obtaining information with regards to the tips and tricks on creating CSS websites and other theme inspirations that are most suited for the creative minds of web designers.

8. Portfolio Base

This website has a good collection of CSS websites with a portfolio based theme. If you find your own portfolio website design concept worth sharing to the world, you can also submit your own design and creation on Portfolio Base. It provides different categories to easily find the specific website theme design you are looking for.

9. Design Fridge

The site offers a gallery of websites that are elegant, flexible, easy to use and free for the CSS website fanatics out there. It supports wide range of website themes that you can choose from to your eyes’ content.

10. Drupal Museum

Anyone who has a Drupal site can submit and showcase their website designs in Drupal Museum. You can find a growing number of CSS websites from the gallery that are worth checking out. If you love Drupal for creating websites, this is a good site to find great CS website design concepts.

11. Django Sites

You can find wonderful collections of Django sites where members are free to showcase their own Django CSS website designs. With wide selection of website designs to admire, you can even cast your vote for your favorite website.

12. Movable Love

This is a professional publishing platform that showcases the different beautiful website designs powered by Movable Type. One can also submit their own CSS website designs to be shared by other users.

13. WP Float

If you truly love using WordPress for creating your own website, you can find great website design concepts from WP Float. There are many beautiful original and creative themes that are highlighted on the site that can certainly inspire a WordPress web designer.

14. MoDx Club

The site showcases beautiful CSS websites that are using the MoDx Content Management Framework. It offers inspiring website designs that come with unlimited flexibility that allows you to explore every creative idea possible.

15. WP Luxe

The site offers a gallery of beautiful and uniquely original WordPress themes for different website categories. You can browse from their category to find the specific subject WP design concept that you want to look for.

16. We Love Typo3

You can find fresh and old websites using the Typo3, a content management publishing platform. There are different themes and categories available and you can select according to the number of columns and color choices for a website design.

17. Mobile Awesomeness

There are beautifully designed mobile website designs that are showed in this gallery. Mobile Awesomeness gathers mobile developers and professional website designers to share and develop great mobile optimized sites that are showcased in their CSS website galleries.

18. Siiimple

If you are in search for websites that create a CSS minimalist design, Siiimple showcases great looking websites that exude simplicity and clean looking web design concepts.

19. Folio Focus

You can draw some wonderful portfolio website design inspirations from Folio Focus. They showcase different website designs from wide range of categories. It is easy to browse websites according to the style you are looking for.

20. Joomla Creme

There are numerous Joomla inspired CSS templates and website designs that you can view and get some inspiration from Joomla Crème. It is most suited for those who love to create their websites with Joomla. You can browse for the Joomla themes by rating and popularity.

21. CSS Princess

CSS Princess is mainly designed to showcase a collection of beautifully created and uniquely designed CSS websites.  Most of the website designers are females and it promotes a woman’s touch for their website design concepts.

22. Launch Soon

This website shows different ways of creating your own website’s launching soon web page with CSS. Its gallery consists of different launching soon web designs that can be a great inspiration to those who will be soon launching their own site.

23. 81 Web

You will find great Japanese website design concepts from the site’s CSS website gallery. It opens an open source gallery for every member who is free to submit and showcase their own CSS designs that can be shared among web designers.

24. CSS Design Awards

There are wide selections of CSS websites that are showcased on their gallery. The original CSS designed websites are displayed on the gallery for your admiration. They can spark your interest to be creative on your website design ideas.

25. CSS Mania

CSS Mania has a wide collection of CSS website galleries that are beautiful and inspiring to any web designer. You can search by subjects and you will find different design concepts that are truly amazing.