25 Promotional and Creative Advertising Ideas Around the World

Somebody has truly quoted that “There is no second chance in making first impression”. Advertising is one such phenomenon that requires catching the attention in the very first sight otherwise it will be called as failed.

Advertisement is basically representing the main theme of company behind a specific product. Mostly an advertisement contains a public service message which prefers it to others, some advertisements are in symbolic form some are in wording and in others an image represents the whole story.

Today, I am sharing another post of extremely Creative Advertisements I have Ever Seen in which I have collected‚ 25 extremely creative advertisement pictures. Some great techniques and ideas were used in all of these ads and I think they are brilliant! Just take a look at them.

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1. Natural Comfort HND Photography (Advertising)

Natural Comfort HND Photography (Advertising)

2. Advertising at Tottenham Green

Advertising at Tottenham Green

3. Would You Have a Drink With You?

Would You Have a Drink With You?

4. Clenil Final Idea

Clenil Final Idea

5. Ideas en Grafito Team 3

Ideas en Grafito Team 3

6. Zisrocin by Negm

Zisrocin by Negm

7. Listerine ad 1

Listerine ad 1

8. Harp Lager Advertising Poster

Harp Lager Advertising Poster

9. GAW: Skynet

GAW: Skynet

10. Unicef: Toy Soldiers

Unicef: Toy Soldiers

11. Mambocino Coffee Co: Mug

Mambocino Coffee Co: Mug

12. Samsung MP3 Player: Elvis, Hip-hop, Opera

Samsung MP3 Player: Elvis, Hip-hop, Opera

13. McDonald’s: Umbrella

McDonald's: Umbrella

14. Renault Clio RS: Sandglass

Renault Clio RS: Sandglass

15. Advertising Embrace the Ideas

Advertising Embrace the Ideas

16. Night 19 – Advertising Pilla

Night 19 - Advertising Pilla

17. Ideas by Ekhnaton2001

Ideas by Ekhnaton2001

18. Sony Cotton Stick

Sony Cotton Stick

19. Band Aid: Hulk

Band Aid: Hulk

20. J&B: Crossing

J&B: Crossing

21. Tag Heuer: Bird

Tag Heuer: Bird

22. Amnesty International: Shot

Amnesty International: Shot

23. McDonald’s: MacFries Pedestrian Crossing

McDonald's: MacFries Pedestrian Crossing

24. Spontex Moppets: Sink

Spontex Moppets: Sink

25. Community First Credit Union: Flexible Bus

Community First Credit Union: Flexible Bus

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