20+ Most Attractive and Creative 3D Desktop Wallpaper Collection

To create a good, refreshing and desired 3D Desktop Wallpapers; one need to have time and expertise. 3D Desktop Wallpapers have always attracted the users as they are more attractive than regular desktop wallpapers. 3 Dimensional wallpapers are always been a great source of inspiration and you will always find a great number of fans out there.

Mostly different software are being used to create 3D artworks like 3DMax, Maya, Blender, Caligari and Photoshop. If you’re also a 3D lover, we are sure you would like to enjoy some creative and cool 3D Wallpapers.

However there are loads of 3D Desktop Wallpapers available on the web, but to find the Wallpaper of your choice from a huge variety is tough. So today in this post I have collected 20+ 3D Wallpaper for your computer desktop. Take a look!!

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1. Neon Violin

Neon Violin

2. Pistons Desktop Wallpaper

Pistons Desktop Wallpaper

3. Chess City 3D

Chess City 3D

4. 3D Desktop Wallpaper

3D Desktop Wallpaper

5. Windows 7 3D

Windows 7 3D

6. Storm in a Glass

Storm in a Glass

7. Eb En Vloed

Eb En Vloed

8. Get Pinkie

Get Pinkie

9. Vihrea Ydin

Vihrea Ydin

10. Urban Plateaus by Dylan Cole

Urban Plateaus by Dylan Cole

11. Meduza Arts by I-NetGraFX

Meduza Arts by I-NetGraFX

12. 3D Wallpaper by Flashpics

3D Wallpaper by Flashpics

13. Negative Hell 2 – EasyNow-3D

Negative Hell 2 - EasyNow-3D

14. Grenade Wallpapers by JustDippin

Grenade Wallpapers by JustDippin

15. Glassy Abstract

Glassy Abstract

16. Delicious Glass by Furumaru

Delicious Glass by Furumaru

17. Abstract Blue Glassy Balls Wallpaper

Abstract Blue Glassy Balls Wallpaper

18. Smoky Lines by Gonzalu

Smoky Lines by Gonzalu

19. Blue Ice

Blue Ice

20. My First 3d by Sultan Almarzoogi

My First 3d by Sultan Almarzoogi

21. Simplicity I

Simplicity I

22. I Daydream in 3d

I Daydream in 3d

I hope you will have liked this awesome showcase. Feel free to share your comments with us.

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